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Transitioning into a MGTOW-compatible career

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  • Transitioning into a MGTOW-compatible career

    If you aren't in a MGTOW-compatible career, have you thought seriously about transitioning into one? Have you already done it?

    What do you consider a MGTOW-compatible career to be? I don't know much about being a forest ranger, but that strikes me as an example of a good career for MGTOW. I know there are female forest rangers, but that isn't the point. It seems like a good MGTOW career to me, because it has that law enforcement aspect that wouldn't discourage masculinity. Although you'd be part of a team, it seems to also have an inherently individualistic side. That's just my impression of it.
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    I would imagine that a "MGTOW career" is anything that doesn't involve alot of office politcs.

    IT is pretty good, also trucking, pilot, any type of logistics.

    The military used to be good until it got filled up with cunts, now I'm sure you'd get court-martialed over some sexual harassment bullshit.


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      I am a website developer. Work as a freelancer...

      Work for several different companies, all of them small to midsize business.

      I am not making much money at this moment. but Also I am not putting that many hours into it.

      I think my job is MGTOW friendly, because I don't spend enough time in a single company to get all the personal BS... though in some of them I spend enough time to be "part of the team"

      I have also walked out from a couple of jobs, just because a "strong woman" starts to mess up with what I do... so at least I can do that from most of my jobs and still be fine.


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        Originally posted by WontStepUp View Post
        If you aren't in a MGTOW-compatible career, have you thought seriously about transitioning into one? What do you consider a MGTOW-compatible career to be?
        This invites the question of what it is to be a MGTOW, doesn't it?
        If you're a separatist, you'd probably have to join a monastery to escpe the presence of women completely.
        If you're a Ruler Of The Wife MGTOW, you just have to keep a job.

        If it is a matter of finding a job that contains and affirms traditional masculinity, just look for anything dirty and dangerous.
        Or become a full time sperm donor.

        Looking at it in purely economic terms, there are the two Max and Min options.
        Max: Get filthy rich, do whatever you want.
        Min: Make your wants simple, spend as little time as possible working to satisfy them, in order to maximize free time where you can do whatever you want, of that you can afford.

        I've gone with the latter all my life, never (with a few shameful episodes lasting no longer than a few months) had a regular job, paid my way as a freelance translator.
        Low rent housing, own few things and want to own fewer, using free time to learn, travel, study, consume and create culture and crafts, and hold dinner parties with friends.
        Add women to taste.