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Blue Collar Logic on Feminism

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  • Blue Collar Logic on Feminism

    I just stumbled onto this channel. I'm liking what I see.

    I used to think collapse was inevitable. Now I realize it is necessary.

    It was only a matter of time before the bicycles realized that they in fact did not need the fish.

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    Very smart, concise presentation %90

    The final %10 is as follows :

    Feminism is a trickery on women to make them "feel" oppressed

    Thus feeling oppressed they seek "liberation."

    Thus seeking liberation, they become career focused.


    a - Lowers birthrates
    b - Increases GDP and taxation

    Most women/feminists are angry today because they know they got tricked.

    They are working alot of times in jobs they hate.

    Feminism is "astroturf" from the ruling classes pretending to be "by women for women."

    Gloria Steinem of NOW and Ms Magazine admit being CIA agent.

    NOW and Feminist Majority receive funding from CIA fronts.

    So feminism come from very top, presidential level.

    Trump can cut it if he want, but he won't.

    American politics is like WWF wrestling.

    It's bullshit shell game.

    I don't expect anyone to just "believe" what I'm saying, go do your own research and you will see.


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      BTW "identity politics"

      Identity politics is to hijack the left from economic issues.

      In other words they don't want to talk about rich vs poor, so they push the conversation about black vs white, men vs women, etc etc.

      It's like...

      Let's say you at the table with donald trump, a man and a woman.

      The waiter brings 40 cookies.

      Donald takes 37 cookies.

      The woman takes 2 cookies, leaving you 1 cookie.

      Donald turns to you and say, "You gonna let her take your cookie?"


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        Thanks for posting the link.
        I just watched the whole series of all 6 Blue Collar videos on feminism.

        A lot of truth there and it strongly reminds me of the proud boys.

        It's a rational response to the insanity of the women's liberation movement.
        It's a - back to our natural gender roles- counter movement, which of course is anathema (misogyny) to the bitter old childless crones of feminism.

        I do support proletariat right to choose a life of servitude to the domestic tyranny of the vagina, but it's not the kind of hierarchy I would aspire to join myself.

        I personally advocate for MGTOW monkdom... but not isolating our self.
        More like "bro's before hoes" with positive male team activities, hunting, mountain climbing, scuba diving, sports and working on intellectual or craft achievements with like minded scholars, (probably as a career). It's an equally viable option for women, but a big risk of the rot setting in as soon as both sexes try to do it together.

        I gather that men have a very strong instinct to seek out female company but you really don't need to vie for their approval to allow you to take pride in who you are.
        In today's social climate I say to have a vasectomy, then apply the 3 F's: Findem, Fuckem, Forgetem.

        BTW, if you don't tell anyone about your vasectomy then you can have the last laugh when some gold digger thot tries to slap a paternity suit on you.
        With that said, as some may know, my personal choice was for an orchidectomy and that just means I can be my own woman and am totally free of any sexual urges, but it's the same basic principle.
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