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As I said, I wanted to post my meme reply in an open thread not here on the blog since I don't want to moderate which meme rebuttals I like or don't like (as some of you know I do not like the rude "shut up you c*nt" replies on some blogs) so kept it open so others can post any meme.

Anyway, I hope you like my rebuttal of a "Be a Nice Guy" straw man argument by anti-MHRM meme.

Before I have time to edit another image, maybe it's good to brainstorm ideas in plain text. I found one meme I want to create a rebuttal to that says:
"Mens Rights Activists: Men complaining about problems cause by other men and blaming it on feminism somehow"

Here are some ideas of what I want to put into a reply. Input welcome. As you can see from my already posted meme, I like to put in a detailed rebuttal...so I want to fit a lot in..but it still needs to be short enough to, somehow fit into one image...but as much as can fit in it...and have the wording that works best.

Some ideas for what to go into the rebuttal:
1. Does it weaken the argument against Female Genital Mutilation that WOMEN are usually the ones who PRACTICE it? No. Then why the straw man argument against protecting men? Unless it's due to lack of sympathy for men's humanity.

2. Real MHRM (Men's Human Rights Movement) activism is not about "complaining" (any movement has individuals who don't represent it well) but about acting. Changing laws that allow male genital mutilation, or which legally define "rape" in a way that makes it "impossible" for a woman to rape a man (or to rape a boy).

3. Something about changing not just laws but also oppressive cultural expectations (and not just expectations but pressures) placed on boys and men. Working against SAME, Sexism At Mens Expense, Sexism At Male Expense, on all levels.

I am tempted to put something in there about the myth that the world would be so wonderful if women ran it. It's not directly stated by it kind of sneaks in there with "problems cause by men". Iraq War killing hundreds of thousand of Iraqis and thousands of American soldiers brought to you by lies from not just Bush but also Condi Rice. Madeleine Albright: starving a half million Iraqi children was "worth it". So that's two of the largest mass killings in recent years, with women playing roles near or at the top perpetuating it. "Problems caused by other men".

And that's not even mentioning the psychological damage done to boys, which is done partly by violent fathers but also by mothers. Not just physical and emotional and even sexual abuse, but the less extreme things like "boy's don't cry" upbringing. Or expecting boys and men to always protect the "ladies" around them not matter the cost to them, or to never hit back even once, not even when hit multiple times" (not hitting at all is best, but it's not ok to tell half the human race they are not allowed to use hitting back as a last resort, but the other half is allowed to use it as a last resort, or not even last but first resort)

But those would take too long unless someone has a veyr short pithy way to word them in a sentence or two. I hope to condnece points 1 and 2 into a format to put into the meme.

Please post ideas and input here if you have them. Meanwhile check out my first rebuttal meme at