When i was very young i saw adults as bastions of wisdom, all knowing entities, as surely we all have, i am now 26, well past the age my mother was when i was born, 3 years short of the age my father was when i was born, in the last couple of years i saw my peers get married and having children, i am well past the "threshold" of adulthood, and what i discovered on the other side is that adulthood, as i used to see it when i was young and ´naive, simply does not exist, it is a farce, a show that adults put on for children, there is no magical age where all the secrets become revealed to you, or where suddenly you start acting responsibly, as time passes life piles more and more shit on your back, but it provides no new tools for you to dig yourself out of it, i have friends at my work who are 30, even 440 and 50, and what i noticed is there is no real difference between them, age makes little difference in behavior. The whole concept is part of a much greater illusion though, illusion that any of us, anyone at all, knows what the hell they are doing. As famous quote says "Do you not know my son, with how little understanding the world is ruled?" it is attributed to various people by various sources but it matters not.

In the same vein as something i heard recently in a podcast, "the biggest conspiracy in the world is that there is no conspiracy, no overarching plot to control everything, the world is drifting freely like a rubber dingy in the middle of the ocean". This,in my opinion is the scariest thought of them all, we all rely on someone else knowing what the hell they are doing, when we are young we rely on our parents, later on we rely on government, in times of war we rely on generals etc. Yet all this entities are full of people who have no idea what they are doing.

Recently i was catching up on my episodes of The Great War series:https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGreatWar/videos.

And the mos striking thing one notices from one episode to the other is how inept people who make the decisions are, from one week to the next, from one mistake to the next, they repeatedly make the same errors time and again, stubbornly refusing to learn from them, and one may be right in asking, why are they not removed? And the answer is, that the people who are supposed to remove them are no more competent at their job then the generals are, in most cases ailing monarchs who fail to realize time has shifted But this people still come from generations long ruling class, class that has been taught from birth on how to rule, and yet they don't know what they are doing either.

Then take a look at the loudest and most famous voices in the manosphere, our youtubers, our writers, all the others, they all tell the same story, they started doing their thing to say what they think, and then suddenly they became famous, none of them expected their platform to explode so, but people thought they sounded like they know what they are talking about.

As for me, i don't know why i am writing this, it is just something that i have been thinking about, i don't even know how to finish this, i know not what i am doing either, but neither is anyone else, and anyone who claims otherwise is either deluded or straight up lying.