People in this movement will know exactly what i mean with this, odds against us seem more then insurmountable, we seem to loose 10 for every win, our chances of actually pulling this off seem less then zero, yet we keep on fighting, like a bunch of Don Quijotes we keep charging the windmills, getting wrecked every time, then getting up and charging again. Seems kind of pointless right? So why do we keep doing it?

Simple, this are not your normal windmills, they are not grinding wheat into flour, they are in fact grinding people, millions of innocent people. In such a situation can one really give up, even when the fight seems pointless, even when you do not seem to be making any progress, even when you get wrecked every time, the very knowledge of what is going on inside those windmills makes you get up, dust up, and charge again, for a tiny minuscule chance that this time, you can stick your spear in the mechanism and stop it from doing its gruesome job.

And people look on you and laugh, they call you a fool, an extremist even, they say you are mad to even try stopping the gears, all you do is get caught by the wings and smashed on the ground over and over again.

But they did not see what goes on inside, they are perfectly happy living in the general vicinity of this windmills, blissfully oblivious of their true purpose, day in and day out.

Until one day they find themselves inside one of those windmills, and they are tied to the grinding stone, at which point all they can do is hope without hope that you will manage to stick that spear in those gears, because they themselves are completely incapable of doing any damn thing about it.

If the fight is indeed hopeless, and there is no chance of winning it, well that is fine, but i personally would rather go down fighting then wait for my turn on that grinding stone.