So i was watching this conversation by Stefan Molyneux with a Danish woman, and in it basically she goes on a rant how men in her country just smoke weed and play video games all day, and none of them ever asked her out. Stefan wastes no time in going on a rant himself, suggesting she beats some sense into them, and as i am sitting there watching this all i am thinking about is, that will not work, the sword is broken, the feminists put so much pressure on it that it shattered, especially in Scandinavian countries is it any wonder. The sword once broken can never be made whole again, never, you can reheat the two pieces and put them back together but the first time you try to use it it will break again right down the same old crack. The only way to make the broken sword whole again is to start from scratch, melt it down completely and forge it anew.

Women of the future will have a hard few centuries ahead of them, women of the past invested enormous amount of time and effort into making men providers and protectors they are today, from the crude form seen in our closest relatives that involves a single alpha male with a harem of females who he cares nothing about to this situation where men are willing to die to protect their family, or rather they were.

But now all that hard work had been for nothing, carefully honing men to the desired shape while maintaining their masculine edge, the men of today have no point, and putting it back and hammering it into place will do no good, it had bee broken off, no amount of hammering will make it whole again.

About a year ago i read an article where a female psychiatrist was telling men they need to be more assertive, because their wives were complaining that they were doormats, and always looking for their approval, and the irony was palpable, so they turned men into doormats always seeking their wives approval, but now they were unhappy with that so they will tell them that their wife disapproves of how they behave, yeah that will get them to change. Surely enough this poor men will do their best, they will try to imitate the behavior their spouse wants them to exhibit to the best of their ability, and at first it will seem to work, the wife, thinking her husband finally found his balls will be happy, and will give him plenty of encouragement and approval, which is what he is after in the first place, you see his nature did not change, he is still seeking her approval, just that she changed her demands and he is desperately trying to meet her new demands. But first time there is a serious disagreement and he tries to stand his ground she will withdraw her approval, and he will promptly break down the old crack once again and the whole thing will be annulled.

I can see this scenario ending in divorce, as the wife is emotionally unfulfilled and she leaves to seek out someone else leaving her bewildered ex wondering what he did wrong. Because that is what women do, when going gets tough they cut and run, and that is exactly what the woman in the video was intending to do, move out of the country. But what happens when there is nowhere else to run? If there are no more manly men in the whole country of Denmark then it is quite obvious that this is just few isolated cases, but it is starting to affect society on the large scale, and it will keep getting worse as long as women keep doing the same thing over and over.

So there is obviously no quick fix for the situation, which is why i said that women of the future have a rough few centuries ahead of them, they will have to melt the iron down and start form scratch. In this case that means that, if women want to recover the men their grandmothers got to enjoy they will have to first find some way to extract that primal brute from the broken men of today, the problem is that this primal brute is not a very good partner, he is violent and abusive by our standards, and women of the future will have to be able to stand by and suffer trough this forge fires as opposed to cutting and running once again, even more they would have to not only be able to handle this brute but actively extract him form the broken man of today. only then can they start shaping and honing this once again into the shape it once had, of good and stoic man who can nevertheless stand is own in an argument and be able to lead.

Do i think women of today are capable of doing that? Frankly no, but they may be forced to, or rather a few women who would be capable of that may be all that is left to bring the society beck form collapse.The good news is that such thing has been done before, so it is obvious that the human race has some way of bouncing back from the brink, the bad news is that women of the future likely have a rough few centuries ahead of them where patriarchy as described by feminists will likely seem like Garden of Eden to them.