Simone’s pedophilia did not stop at abusing children. She together with John-Paul campaigned for its legalisation. In 1977 they together with 68 other marxists, communists, lesbian and gay rights activists and feminists signed a petition for the French government to remove the minimum age of consent and decriminalise all consensual sexual relations between adults and minors of all ages. This coincided with broader activity to legalise pedophilia at the time.

“Six months ago we launched a petition demanding the abrogation of a number of articles in the law, in particular those concerning relations between adults and minors, those forbidding the incitement of minors to "debauchery," and the decriminalisation of relations between minors and adults below the age of fifteen. A lot of people signed it, people belonging to a wide range of political positions, from the Communist Party to Mademoiselle Dolto. So it's a petition that has been signed by a lot of people who are suspect neither of being particularly pedophiles themselves nor even of entertaining extravagant political views.” Said Guy Hocquenghem a gay rights activist and one of the main proponents of the petition in a radio interview broadcast by France Culture on April 4th 1978.

Guy Hocquenghem claimed in this radio conversation that none of the participants were pedophiles and therefore did not have ulterior motives in supporting this petition. The signatories were presented by him as intellectuals driven to sign this petition by a rational intellectual conviction that what they are doing is logical and fair. Little did Guy know that Simone and Sartre, two of the main signatories of this petition, were in actual fact pedophiles. This was to be revealed eight years after this radio interview but even after it was revealed it would remain buried. In fact to this day not many people know that Simone and Sartre, two of the greatest minds of marxism, communism, feminism and liberalism, were both pedophiles throughout their entire adult lives. Simone and Sartre would go on to sign an open letter along with 67 of the previous signatories (excluding Michel Foucault) published in French newspaper Le Monde on the 26th of January 1977 defending three pedophiles against prosecution for having sex with 12 to 13-year-old boys and girls and a third letter published in 1979 in french newspaper Libération defending a fourth pedophile (Gerard R.) on similar charges with younger partners.

Letter sent to Le Monde in 1977:

“On January 27, 28, and 29, Bernard Dejager, Jean-Claude Gallien, and Jean Burckardt will by tried before the cour d'assises des Yvelines for lascivious acts with a minor of less than 15 years of age. Arrested in autumn of 1973, it is for more than three years now that they remain in remand. Only Bernard Dejager has recently benefited from the presumption of innocence. Such a long time in remand to investigate a simple `vice' affair, where the children have not been victims of the slightest violence, but have to the contrary testified before the examining magistrates that they consented -- although the law at present denies them their right to consent -- such a long time in remand we do consider scandalous in itself. Today they risk to be sentenced to a long prison term either for having had sexual relations with minors, boys as well as girls, or for having encouraged and taken photographs of their sexual plays. We believe that there is an incongruity between the designation as a `crime' which serves to legitimize such a severity, and the facts themselves; even more so between the antiquitated law and the reality of every day life in a society which tends to know about the sexuality of children and adolescents (thirteen-year olds are given the pill, for what doing?) French law contradicts itself if it recognizes a capacity for discernement in thirteen and fourteen year olds, so as to be able to try and sentence them, but denies them the same capability with respect to their emotional and sexual life. Three years for caresses and kisses are enough. We would not understand if on January the 29th, Dejager, Gallien, and Burckardt would not be freed.”

We know now that Simone and Sartre both engaged in sexual relationships with girls as young as 12 (parts 1-6 of the blog) so it becomes clear why they would support such petitions. They were pedophiles defending other pedophiles from prosecution and campaigning for the legalisation of pedophilia to normalise what they were doing in society and to defend themselves from facing the same fate as other pedophiles and allow themselves freedom to abuse more children.

In parts 8 onwards I will discuss Simone and her cheating on and exploitation of her lovers both male and female. I will discuss her misogyny in greater detail, more of her deception, her disgust at the female body, her hatred for mothers and children, her abortion activism, her collaboration with the Nazis and Soviet Russia and her orgies.

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