Feminists and the progressive left are only interested in exposing and reporting child molestation (and other sex crimes) when doing so serves their wider political and ideological agendas.

They are only interested in male victims for as long as those victims are useful victims. For as long as the progressive left is ideologically invested in taking down the individual being accused.

Feminists and progressives want to promote secularism and progressive cultural values, multiculturalism, globalism, big government, cultural marxism. etc.

Not just church and state separated but state OVER church. This is an agenda that is well served by drawing attention to and exposing child molestation in a prominent RELIGIOUS institution such as the Roman Catholic church (RCC) and the high-level cover ups pertaining to it.

This can be used to sanction increased state control influence and intervention into the RCC and it's practices more generally. Something broadly speaking that secular progressives and leftists want to encourage and justify.

This is done under the cover of protecting children. If some children or child victims get some justice or protection from harm somewhere down the line it's an irrelevant BY PRODUCT. The real objective for feminists and those on the progressive left pushing the exposure of RCC related sexual misconduct, is related exclusively to the fact that doing so serves their wider ideological project.

If a boy is a victim of a man of the cloth he is (as far as the progressive left is concerned) a useful victim.

Meanwhile over in the entertainment and music industries organized child molestation and institutional cover ups in relation to it are horrifically widespread too, going all the way to the top in some cases. But most of the offenders are card-carrying liberals, often Clinton campaign donors and LGBT visibility award winners.

Outspoken vocal feminists who often use their significant public platforms to promote feminist and progressive ideals and ideology to mainstream audiences.

In these instances it's the ACCUSED who are 'useful' to the progressive/feminist cause. Some much so that their misconduct is systematically swept under the rug until and unless it simply cannot be ignored or covered up any longer.

Drawing attention to them or exposing them doesn't serve the progressive agenda. Their victims (unfortunately for them) aren't useful.

Moreover their victimization contradicts the progressive narratives about how Hollywood and the music industry are American dream factories, build on the foundation of liberal ideals and liberal principals and ran by and large by the 'good guys'.

And the gay thing works in an interesting way too.

When it comes to priests and choir boys the progressive left will never frame this same-sex (man to boy) molestation as anything to do with 'homosexuality', they will always frame it exclusively in relation to religious dogma and doctrine and the code of silence in effect in a large powerful religious institution.

Meanwhile over in the entertainment industry many liberals and progressives accused/charged with molestation get to hide behind either the gay card or the eccentric card (or both). And argue that molestation/misconduct charges against them are being bought about by bigoted 'conservatives' and/or religious social conservatives intolerant of their alternative progressive lifestyles.

It has almost nothing to do with any sense of objective morality or an absolute sense of justice.

It's nothing to do with what's right or wrong.

It's all about what serves the feminist agenda. Highlighting useful victims and masking and suppressing inconvenient ones.

Men and boys have long since had to make peace with the tragic reality that our suffering is only heard if and when listening and doing 'something' about it serves the feminist agenda.

When it doesn't we are made invisible. Denied a voice. Shouted down. Suppressed.

But things are changing, and all it's taken somewhat predictably is female suffering.

It's taken some women experiencing something the majority of men and boys have been living with since forever to wake (some) people up to what the feminist and progressive establishment is really about when it comes to advocating on behalf of victims of sex crimes.

To wake people up to exactly how much they give a damn about victims who aren't useful. To victims who's suffering isn't the right kind of suffering because highlighting doesn't serve the wider progressive and feminist soci-political agenda.

Women across many western European nations have been getting a rude awakening in this regard. While 3% of the population in many northern European countries are committing 75+% of the rapes, the western women being targeted are quickly learning to their horror that their feminist establishments aren't interested in hearing their cries.

Not just that, but they are proactively SILENCING their protests and cries and labeling anyone willing to listen to them as 'racist' and 'Islamophobic'.

Welcome ladies to reality of what happens when you aren't a useful victim. It's something men and boys have a great deal of experience with already. Because most men and boys aren't useful victims most of the time as far as feminists and progressives are concerned.

The victimization these European women have suffered at the hands of mass waves of Islamic migrants is disgraceful, but sadly for them it doesn't serve the progressive feminist (multicultural, globalist, big government) agenda. It instead flies in the face of it.

And for that reason the feminist establishment is seeking to render them and their suffering invisible.

Welcome to our world ladies.