so there's this little cowardly pussy boy that keeps snitching on me and publicly announcing to a bunch of people how horrible I am to try to get me in trouble.

he alsodid something more pathetic and sleazy that I wont mention because it involves someone else.

he didn't snitch on me for breaking any laws per se, but if he could get me thrown in prison if I actually did something worthy of that he would and he is clearly the most spineless coward I know right now.

I said my first words of defense to the little pussy recently in the kindest possible way and yesterday he said he wants me dead.

I'm going to give the little b**** my phone number and my address and he can come show up if he wants me dead.

unless he brings a baseball bat or some other weapon I'll just kick his freaking little cowardly spineless ass so I can give the whiny little wimpa reason to snitch on me.

if this sad little s*** got put in prison they would have to put him in the what they call the rat block where are they segregate in protective custody the Little Snitches so they don't get stitches.

the dude wouldn't be doing what he's doing unless he had absolutely no street smarts and people that I've known like this guy are such cowards and have no spine.

they're the ones that call Crime Stoppers with some anonymous call and don't leave their name and just snitch people they don't know out to cause drama.

I found out it was this guy that was snitching me out from somebody else.

just venting.