The Power Dynamic of HATEFUL Feminism (Part III)

If you think my analysis is flawed-- I invite you to look around. See all the myriad articles, books, conferences, comments, etc, calling for the End of Men, or telling us how we're shit for doing this or thinking that, or working to "control" our behavior, or modify our thinking, or all of the bazillion ways we're bad and evil and monsters.

And if a woman does say anything nice or uplifting about men, she is immediately pounced upon by her Feminist sisters and excoriated for her views and opinions.

In the view of HATEFUL FEMINISTS, Men are not human beings, we are simply draft animals to be used for their purposes, and then cast aside when they are through with us.


I do not wish to be any part of that HATEFUL ideology. I do not wish to support it. Nor to enable it. Nor to look away while I see it happening all around me. I refuse to indoctrinate my male children in the cult of HATEFUL FEMINISM. I will NOT shut up. I will NOT go away. I will NOT look the other way. I will call it out loud and often whenever, wherever and however I see it in operation. I may not yet be powerful enough to truly fight it, or even to have a meaningful or lasting effect. But I abhor Feminism and everything it stands for and I will fight it tooth and nail with every strategy, tactic and resource that I have at my disposal for as long as I draw breath in my body.

Feminism is truly the fascist enemy of our time and must be, needs be resisted, opposed, and countered at every possible juncture. Do not give HATEFUL FEMINIST ANY QUARTER for the balls they sever will likely be your own.