For the past few months something has been bothering me. Until today I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I only knew that something wasn't right with the world. Obviously this is nothing new, but something was different. Something had changed that pushed my mind over a virtual line in the sand. While sitting in a coffee shop earlier today, it occurred to me.

Women are now allowed to serve in our most elite fighting forces.

Why has this one specific event shifted things so profoundly in my mind? This one act has simultaneously accomplished two things on behalf of the feminine imperative.

The most straight forward affect is that this was the last bastion for male only space left in the world. The concept of male only space is now dead. There is no longer any place a man can go to escape the ever present nagging voice of women telling us "That is inappropriate."

Second, society is telling us that women are every bit as tough as men. They apparently now have the balls to go head to head with the toughest Alciada and ISIS have to offer. Never mind the military is already lowering the standard required for these branches to allow for more women. Now if you are an equalist, maybe this doesn't seem so bad, until you pair it with other concurrent events. Women are now getting their own taxi services. They are getting their own parking spaces and train cars. They have had their own gyms for decades as well. They are getting all of this because apparently men are so dangerous that the only way these special snowflakes can feel safe is to have their own facilities where men are not allowed to go.

The cognitive dissonance created by these two completely contradictory points of view is staggering.

1) Women are tough enough to be Rangers and SEALs.
2) Men are so dangerous that the only way women can be safe is to have their own segregated facilities.

Let that sink in for a minute. This one act has simultaneously killed the last male only space even while female only space continues to grow. It has also created a mental paradox that should have even the most simple minded person scratching their head at the illogical nature of it all.

And yet men at large don't even blink an eye. Obviously men in the sphere see it, but the average man on the street does not. How out of balance do things need to get before something snaps? I think it is time for the comet or the flood to come along and erase this mistake. Earth needs to start over with new monkeys.