I know some people have got a strong view that it's about a political goal. Get the system to shift from it's current trajectory to one of rolling back the state. To be honest I don't disagree, but this is an objective not a strategy nor a tactic. Men's rights issues are your coin. Knowing about them, caring about them are your tools. If you want to succeed at get anything done, you have to know what you want and why. ALL the issues are important, regardless of your own prioritisations.

I've dealt with a lot of politically motivated campaigners. They are frigging hopeless. They are blind to what is in front of them and deaf to anything but their own bleating. Not saying they don't have a use, but they are not useful as leaders. They'll expend all your energy for their utopia, then if you get them a taste of power they either forget about you or sell you out. They have one idea, whether they are right wing minded or left wing minded - form a big blob and charge the enemy with them safely at the rear.

People who work on the issues constantly solidifying the evidence are doing the core work of getting things changed. It takes talent to do investigation, write well, produce videos and podcasts, to always be ready to pounce on the latest piece of propagandistic diatribe. But just calling out feminists, doesn't produce change.

Here's why, when you call out feminists, those same feminists call you out. Those listening, just think bunch of arguing fools, and nothing changes. Whoever holds the status quo wins by default. It's that simple. It's not about what I, you or we believe, it's not about what feminists or tradcons or any variation of statist believe. It's about what everyone else believes, it's the fence sitters who determine the shift when they finally decide to take a stance. But fence sitters don't feel what you feel, they profoundly feel and wish the whole lot of screeching noise makers would go away, fight it out on some island in the middle of the pacific, let the turtles and penguins watch, let the rats and roaches feast on the bones.

You get a fence sitter to act, by giving them an issue, not a cause. They don't want your cause, their cause is a peaceful life with no one picking on them. When the issue you put in front of them, shows someone being picked on, being mistreated, denied justice, it'll slowly seep in that this isn't a million miles away, this isn't restricted to ghettoes or has a firm police state lid on it, this could happen to them. For evil to win, all that is needed is for all good men to do nothing. You all know that one, fence sitters know it too. But they don't trust your side, they don't trust the status quo either, but that has the channels and it's either bleating it's all okay "Every day is Men's Day, Men have all the top jobs, Men's issues are trivial!", they are also bleating "Women are being murdered by men, raped by men, robbed of jobs by men!"

We are being corralled and kettled, in a planned, methodical and wholly deliberate way. Do not forget that.

Yet every undeniable issue, you can speak about with facts, clarity and if you got the ability: eloquence plants a seed in someone who hears it. The listening you want will come. All issues impacting men, boys, women and girls are important. Each one can be understood and cared about by different people. And as some bloke once noted, 'Quantity has a quality of it's own'. Think about that one, it's a lot more subtle implications than the obvious one.

There are things that are the internal conversation, there are things you wave occasionally in front of people to get them to bite.

These are things injected into culture for a reason:

The red pill, MGTOW, anti-feminism, gynocentrism

That reason isn't so that some believers can quote the word at people as a holy chant that produces revelation.

These things do two functions:
Firstly they get fence sitters to say - What is that? Where does it come from? Who is that? Why is that relevant?
Secondly it gives the feminist propagandists something to rage about, something to focus their bile on.

It gives anyone who cares about the wider issues an opening in response to someone asking. Because you don't rattle on about your theory of life in response you talk about the issues. Issues that are ignored.

Someone says, "Men aren't disposable, you just got self esteem issues, you are paranoid."

You talk about the issues of suicide, 4 times higher with no public interest, you talk about war deaths 50 times higher no one even surprised, workplace deaths 20 times higher, but it's just a part of the work, death for homeless on the streets 10 times higher. You talk about treatment of veterans and you talk about effacing the male from media. You point to mass male deaths being referred to as people, whilst any female death as women and girls. You talk about how each and everyone of those deaths is either attributable to serving the needs of society or being considered no longer of any use to society.

You then don't stop, if they want to run they can run, but if they've got the guts and honesty to listen. You talk about human rights, you tell them how these men right here, right now are sacrificing to protect and preserve human rights, human dignity and quality of life.

You tell them how the vote was won by men for everyone. With their blood. You fix the foolish notion that women had to demand the vote off men. They didn't men sacrificed to get the vote for everyone, some women then had to convince other women to accept the vote, they had to convince other women who were frightened that it might mean also accepting the responsibilities that have ALWAYS been the burden on men.

Every single issue has it's own opening route to a bigger point about what is going on and has been going on for 170 years.

So whether your personal motivator is change of government, to stop being screwed over by alimony, to be able to see your children, to no longer be attacked or threatened by false accusations, to see a fair and decent education that educates and doesn't indoctrinate, to no longer have the cutting of baby boys' penises seen as an okay religious practice in a secular society, to see the state stop growing a tax burden to cater for every last whimsical try it on request to piss good money after bad, to see boys and men freed from being the silent victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse...

Whichever one, learn about it, and how it connects to others.

This isn't being a MR Activist, unless you go on to teach others about these things and organise ways of raising awareness.
This isn't being a MR Advocate, unless you find men and boys caught in the traps of these issues and speak up for them or help them find their voice.
This isn't telling men to go MGTOW, but it does make it understandable to all why they do.
This isn't telling people to be become anti-feminist but opens their thinking to why women and men do become anti-feminist.
This is being Men's Issue Aware, and being willing and able to raise Men's Issue Awareness.
That's the act of a decent citizen who wants to live in a decent world and that is the purpose of the MHRM.

You can vote or work towards whatever utopia you want, but you can't get there in a world that tolerates unfairness and injustice. In that world every gain you make will be stolen, every effort wasted. When you talk to a fence sitter or a moderate feminist, a blue piller or a diehard feminazi that is the greater point. Equality and freedom for all of us, is built on our insistence on justice from the state and fairness to each other.