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Female privilege in cartoons

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  • Female privilege in cartoons

    Worse than's making excuses for female violence.

    This cartoon is not in public domain but I found it while looking for public
    domain images to use for cartoons for MHRA in for this thread on AVFM forums.

    Anyway the cartoon about a woman who was gang raped and later becomes a very physically abusive and even brutal violent mother to the girl who was born from that rape..

    "Elizabeth beats her daughter very badly even for making silly mistakes
    such as spilling time she beat her so badly she started

    "I had to threaten to take her to the police if she did not stop her

    The caption by the cartoonist in the last panel shows a crying
    Elizabeth (the brutally bloody and violent mother who herself had
    been raped) "Elizabeth will have to live with her pain as long as her
    daughter lives"

    For "as long as" the daughter lives? talk about enabling an abuser!

    "the only thing that might offer her consolation, she says, is seeing
    justice served at the ICC" for her rapists.

    Let's reverse genders, let's imagine..I dare anyone to imagine this:

    A man gets brutally beaten or raped or sexually abused as a child ...a
    child reminds him of the terrible abuse HE suffered...and then HE
    brutally abuses and beats the child sometimes until the child is
    And what does the cartoonist show in the last caption??

    A picture of John, the brutally abusive and violent father, with tears
    running from his eyes and saying:

    "John will have to live with his pain as long as his daughter lives"
    Can you imagine such an insane cartoon? Enabling the adult currently doing the abusing and portraying him with the same sympathy, with such sympathy in parallel to how the woman adult abuser was portrayed??

    This is female privilege this is gynocentrism, this is not treating
    women like adults,...not all examples raised by the MHRM raise to this
    level, but this one certainly is a brutally true example of this
    "pass" (I do not call it a "pussy pass", I am not going to blame the
    physical genitals for the mental and emotional decisions of an adult
    woman, or give feminist apologists an excuse to be offended by
    language as a way to avoid dealing with the issues and the facts of
    examples like this one) but it's definitely a "female pass" and female privilege.

    "John will have to live with HIS pain as long as HIS daughter lives. The only
    "the only thing that might offer HIM (the man brutally beating his daughter) consolation, HE says, is seeing justice served at the ICC" for the people or gang or raped or beat him.
    image from here

    in another earlier part of the cartoon,

    Again the extremely violently abusive mother is shown crying into her
    own hands, with cartoonist caption,

    "Elizabeth says any hiccup that
    threatens to halt the cases at the ICC [court] makes her turn her rage
    on Neema [her daughter]"
    Notice it "makes her".

    She doesn't have a choice as an adult, hearing a delay in the court
    case "makes her" turn her rage on her own helpless daughter.

    Can anyone imagine what a world this would be, can anyone even imagine an extremely violently abusive FATHER given this kind of media portrayal, shown crying into
    his own hands, with cartoonist caption,

    "John says any hiccup that threatens to halt the cases at the ICC [court]makes him turn his rage on Neema [his daughter]"
    with a sympathetic image of John crying into
    his own hands behind and behind it an image of this poor poor man
    grabbing an item from the kitchen and hitting his daughter over the
    head with it..

    there are more men than society admits, sexually abused or assaulted as adults..and MANY many more men who were sexually abused including by women when these men were boys than society admits..not to mention men raped in prison and later let out...such men need and deserve sympathy and help but NOT a "pass" if they become abusers.

    Would we ever consider it sane or reasonable to treat such men who become abusers, let alone abusers of children, the way that woman was portrayed in that cartoon (look at if if you haven't...first link in this post)

    I'm not saying no compassion for the woman rape victim...give her
    compassion but also responsibility without downplaying it and playing
    up her "crying into my own hands" so called "victim status" when her
    beatings of her daughter are at issue.

    There needs to be a balance: sympathy for female and male victims of
    abuse, but also responsibility for male and female former abuse
    victims, if they abuse others.

    That is balance, and that is both sympathetic and also fair.

    Instead we have a polarized world: almost all the sympathy and far too
    little responsibility for a woman like that shown here...and very
    little sympathy or discussion for men (and boys) just "suck it up"

    Imagining things "if genders were reversed" is a powerful tool in many situations for MHRM...this cartoon is just the latest example.
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    Female privilege in cartoons

    Angelina Jolie is one of my fave female celebrity.