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    I read this story a few years ago in Croatian collection of SF short stories, i want to try and retell this story here as it's a good story and very interesting.

    No more Davon:

    So somewhere in the future, the president of the "community of happy people" was summoned by his secretary.

    There are no more Davons, he said.

    What, are you sure?

    Yes sir, we executed the last one yesterday, it was hard finding him, we had to go trough the birth records up to 4 generations but i am sure it was the last one.

    Have you brodcasted this on the news?

    Yes sir i did.

    You fool, on whom will we cast the blame for all ills in the society now? Without Davon how can we justify famine, police surveilance, media censure?

    The next day president went in front of the crowd to make a speech.

    As you have heard yesterday we executed last of the Davon, however it seems that our work is not done yet, Davons left behind devilish machines, everyone who finds himself in range of one of this machines instantly turns into Davon. Take a look at this footage police took this morning.

    Footage cut to a recording of a middle age man being arrested on the street,the man was swearing he was innocent.

    As you can see, this man was affected by the devilish machine, for who else but Davon would question the word of the state or the great boss.

    In the coming months more arrests were made.

    One day the president again adressed the crowd.

    People of the community of happy people, i am proud to announce that from tomorrow we are repealing the secret police and police hour, today my scientists finished work on the ingenious invention, it is fully automated, anybody who has any dirty thoughts on the state, the big boss or the machine will be automatically taken away and disposed of for the good of the community.

    Few weaks have passed, and more and more the president was noticing how people in his office were dissapearing, it did not bother him much until he found out his personal steward was missing.

    Darn that machine, he thought, he probably had just a small, rather innocent thought, who will make my meals now.

    At that moment doors were busted open, two black robots entered the room and hauled the president away.

    The end.
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