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  • Toolbox - Strategies and efficient actions to survive and win

    (first of all, excuse if i make a few mistakes, english is not my first language)

    I'd like to compile here the best strategies, weapons, legal Tools, usefull actions... we can use in our fights.

    It is quite difficult. We came from different background, we got different skills and opinions, and usefull ressources are often dispached on different sites, forum etc.

    Above all, i'd like to avoid flame wars and 'pee contests'. I'm not interested to know wich method is better. I'd like to know why the aproach you'd advocate WORKS and how to eventually replicate it to a larger scale, on a given situation.

    So, i beguin this toolbox with two links i find particulary interesting on a practical level.

    The first is the video from Freedom Alternative "5 practical ways to deal with SJWs "

    The second link is an article from AVFM "How to shut down Gender studies department"

    The video and article are quite self explicative.

    I love them because they expose two (apparently) opposite strategies.

    A 'vicious' one (don't try to convince a SJW, but expose his flaws to the public),
    And a 'gentle' one (don't attack frontly a GSD but dry their human ressource (students) with kind discussions about better choises.

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    I had the usual argument with a fellow MGTOW yesterday.

    I won't end the debate today, and probably never will. I respect is point of view.

    I found a way to answer his argument about "The MRA accomplished nothing relevant" with one excellent video of your beloved Janet "JudgyBitch'

    How MRAs and the MHRM help men – video

    And he had the honnesty to confess she made some good points (even if he stills thinks that we all are fu***ed up beyound repair)

    We won't convince people who don't want to be convinced, but if you meet a person who genually asks you what the MRA are doing concretly (besides criticizing), it's a pretty good summary.
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      Always being Recording.

      Gosh, i hate this one. I think that the lack of privacy, the collecting of data on our private life is one the big problem of our times.

      But i've been forced to admit this. When confronted with Crazies whose simple testimonies can break your life and career, a record can save your ass.

      It's not that an audio or video record is a proof at itself, and it even may be illegual to do it in some states. But it's more than enough to destroy the credibility of a 'weeping victim' if police Watch/hear her threatening to lie to the police to frame you...

      I bet you'd prefer be condemned for illegual recording than for sexual assault...

      But there is another advantage to have a record of a psycho-in-progress.

      Lots of our tormentors are Narcissists. They don't give a sh*t about our lives and suffering, but one of their biggest fears are to be exposed as the Fraud they are.

      If you're gonna quit one of them, you can use this 'proof' to 'split' smoothly(er).

      If you want to know more about this type of leverage, i advise you to Watch this excellent video of Paul Elam and Dr Palmatier

      Going Mental: Using the big 5 fears of borderlines and narcissists to get rid of them

      I made a small summary of this rather long video on the comment section.

      Of course, reading "Say Goodbye to Crazy" is probably even better.

      Note: always been discreet while recording. Your recorder is not a shield. At all. Keep this a secret until you HAVE to use it, and use it correctly.
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        One of the things to keep in mind is, not all women are psycho bitches. They really are only about 5% of the population, but they do a lot of damage to a lot of people. If that 5% average 10 relationships in a lifetime, they can ruin the lives of half the men. The trick is to recognize them early on and limit your exposure. It is hard at work, and there you need to find a way to deal with them, but in your private life, you control who who spend time with.

        Realize that they are often too good to be true at the start and to bad to be believed at the end.

        Something Paul said, a good test for a psycho narcissist is to say no to something she wants early on. Normal women don't expect to get their way every time.

        I was lucky in a way, because my mother was a total psycho bitch, and I am extra sensitive to the signs and bail early. That is why I never had a serious problem with a woman once I left home. They recognize that I am not going to play their game from the start and aren't interested. All victimizers have a good sense of who is an isn't a good target. Quit behaving like prey and they will target others.

        And instructional and funny video series: Brandi The Psycho Girlfriend. The first two season say it all. Seth needs to be committed for addiction to drama and pussy by season 3. At some point it becomes too painful to watch, but you will have learned the lesson by that point.
        Liberty, Equality, Humanity


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          Originally posted by Venant View Post
          Always being Recording.
          When dealing with a manipulative controlling and unpredictable psychopath who will stop an nothing to destroy, confuse and antagonise you ... there is no other defense.

          When Im feeling down, I simply listen again to some of the hours and hours of recordings of Crazy.

          if only to remind myself that no, I did not imagine it all.
          "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one" - Charles Mackay

          And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee. - Donne

          "What we are seeing in this headless misandry is a grand display of the Tyranny of the Underdog: 'I am a wretchedly longstanding victim; therefore I own no burden of adult accountability, nor need to honor any restraint against my words and actions. In fact, all efforts to restrain me are only further proof of my oppressed condition.'
          "It is the most perfect trump-card against accountable living ever devised." - Gladden Schrock

          "What remains for most men in modern life is a world of expectation without reward, burden without honor and service without self" - Paul Elam


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            Originally posted by Patriarch View Post
            One of the things to keep in mind is, not all women are psycho bitches.
            Still, there are rules to be followed for your own protection.

            1. If you accidentally encounter one, back away slowly while avoiding direct eye contact. Never run!
            2. Never attempt to pet one, no matter how tame they might appear to be.
            3. Never leave food (or money) laying around in the open and never-ever should you try to feed one.
            4. And avoid getting between one and her young.

            Basically never trust a psycho bitch, even the most gentle ones. You can never know when one will turn on you...
            "The truth is sometimes a poor competitor in the market of ideas" George F. Kennan


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              One of the things to keep in mind is, not all women are psycho bitches. They really are only about 5% of the population, but they do a lot of damage to a lot of people
              That's why i quite understanf MGTOW, even if i'm don't share the core or their philosophy. If one of every 20 bottles is poisoned lots of us would quit drinking.
              Another part of the problem are that the few 'crazies' strikes a lot of people in their lives, and somewhat contaminate to a lesser extend some other bottles...

              I'll make it clear, i don't want to talk about philosophies here. (Because we will end discussing about the sex of the angels during the invasion of Constantinople, if you see what i mean).

              I still recognise that there are several 'schools of thought' in the Red Pill Movment, and event those i don't embrace have interesting Tools of their own.

              I found on this very forum a link toward the remarquable work of a MGTOW: Kyojiro Kagenuma.

              A precise, concise little guide:" Suggestions on Engaging the Matrix (how to use and distribute Red Pills around you).

              I once was a member of PUA community. Not a particulary good one, but it gave me an intersting point of view about how our society really works. When i tried to share my hardly acquired knowledge, it appeared that if i was not a particulary good PUA, i was worse at distributing red pills (i didn't even know this term: i was just became an anti feminist, and discovered my community had slowly turned into a kind of SJW cult). Nevermind.

              I was just too direct, too naïve and then too angry... i was challenging their paradigm. Utter failure...

              So, i began to expand my point of view on a cool, kind way. With 'normal' ppeople from my surrounding. I find one allie, then two, then many. Even some ex SJW... I didn't want to be a guru, or a leader, just to awake people. Planting seeds...

              Suggestions on Engaging the Matrix is quite close the way i practice. There are différences, for sure, but not so much. And what i particulary like is of course that it is written... as a practical, no nensense manual.

              The only 'little' problem is that you have to read and understand Kyojiro Kagenuma preemptive analysis and point of view to really apprehend some part of his little guide.

              I don't fully agree with his analysis on the structure of fondamental 'female behaviour as psychosis', but i quite admit it describes perfectly a fair part of the 'crazy ones', our ennemies.

              The Female psychosis


              Engaging the matrix

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                Of course, this ToolBox would be incomplete without the very article which made me discover 'A Voice for Men'

                An old article, but quite tastee.

                Catalog of anti male shaming


                Far from being complete, but quite interesting on ways used against you to make you ashamed, confused, enraged, afraid... And also to make your tormentor appearing the very victim of your many Vices...

                So many thinhs could be added to this list.

                My favorite, the 'accusatory inversion', also known as 'DARVO'.


                It would be a shame...not to mention the remarquable "Rhetorical discipline"

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                  Today, i'd like to talk about recovery.

                  Lots of us are wounded. More of that, lots of us found AVFM BECAUSE they were wounded, and those wounds make then swallow the proverbial Red Pill.

                  Great sites like AVFM gaves us lots of good things. We were not (quite) mad. We were not alone. We may understand the sickness that striked us. We may unite on a goal. And we may recover.

                  i'm no therapist. But i know first hand than understanding, purpose and time are enough to some individual to recover.

                  To some others, it's not enough. Pain keeps slowly eating their soul, even if things got better.

                  There are no easy answer, no magical pills.

                  I suffered from severe OCD and depression since i was young. I took me years to find a good therapist, and i had to use drugs (citalopram) to avoid implosion.

                  But being OCD had some advantages. I'm an obsessive learner (among other less pleasant things). I my quest for avoiding self destruction, i found one very usefull tool.

                  I didn't cured me. It wasn't miraculous. It's one of the best thing i've ever met. I'll practice it till i die.

                  MBCT. Mindfullness based cognitive therapy.


                  I know, i know... The word itself sounds like 'New Age Feminist Mumbo Jumbo'.

                  But i don't want to talk about boggus Buddhism, or New Age non sense.

                  MBCT got a laïcal approach of the process, a strict protocol in his sessions, and quite good scientifics studies of his effects.


                  It's quite difficult to describe his effect on your mind. Because the purpose is un-intellectual. You learn to spot how your mind 'traps' you. Your learn to 'disconnect', then you let this 'disconected mind' digest the tensions (instead of letting them spinn and reinforcing)

                  I know, it's quite an unadequate description. I'm not a therapist. The point is NOT to be disconnected from reality (at all), but to learn to REST you mind and feeling. In a state where it is 'self-Healing'. Regulary.

                  The feeling you get in those moments are hard to describe. The only comparison i could show is the feeling you get some times when you Watch a fire in the woods during a long night. Or the sea after a long walk. You're totally conscious, you're there, but your spirit is resting. It's beautiful.

                  I have to tell you that it didn't cure me. But it certainly prevent me from drowning. It helps me - a lot - to suffer less, and to prevent my crisis. That's all. And that's a lot.

                  It gave me the strenght to find a good therapist. And to keep it. Because therapy can be, be itself, quite painfull.

                  I got a few good links about it, but, hélas, they are in french. (I'm french)

                  You may beguin with "Full catastroph living" ( Jon Kabat-Zinn), but this particular book is much for people with a medical training. There are more simple books to beguin with. I let you make a quick search.

                  To conclude, i should tell you that it works and it's easy to learn and practice.

                  What isn't easy is to force yourself to practice it to a level where it has an effective effect on your mind and spirit. It takes weeks. There are no shortpass.

                  I'm self taught, but i strongly advice you to find a seminar and to beguin your practice with a group.

                  Being self taught double the effort, and if you are in a crisis situation, it could be too much for you.
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                    I read a 'marvelous' article today. A free yoga class designed to help 'handi-capable' people as being closed...because it was obviously 'cultural appropriation'

                    Wow! No kidding ?

                    I even found a 'well articulated' article feministed who was practicing Yoga justified this sjit with self loathing arguments


                    Yoga was Indian culture cultural appropriation, so it had to STOP. YOGA ! On of the few things from the crazy's 70s that actually brings some good things to women body and spirit...

                    I immediatly write a 'clever' answer remarking than ' arab' numbers (0,1.2,3...) were actually INDIANS numbers, with profound cultural and spiritual meanings for Hindu people

                    So she should stop using them right away.

                    Then i told to myself 'What a fool i am !" . You can't convince a real Feminist a a SJW. They are true believers. Using their own argument against them can just piss them off (what is great on a public debate to show everybody they are, in fact, insane... but totally vain otherwise).

                    I should have came back in the old feminists forum i infiltrated years ago, for intel. Some people there were quite fond of Yoga. I should have recontacted the right people, and beguin a polite debate on the subject. And then watch them tearing each other eyes.

                    I can't, because those forum has been already, and mysteriously, consumated by flames wars. And i didn't participate. They did this to themselves.

                    Maybe i should find a forum of 'feminist Stem Girrrrls', help them be better feminists into acting against 'Cultural Appropriation' (you known Cialdini Foot-in-the-door ? for a time , and THEN beguining a depassionate debate about the question: "Are mathematics Cultural appropriation or not ?

                    Feminism, cultural Marxism, name it as you want... had made men destroying each other, neutering themselves, becoming suicidal out of shame or pain.
                    Event if we anderstood, we couldn't fight back directly. The ennemy is too strong, his narrative too well implanted...

                    And it uses our mere strenght and flaws against ourselves

                    Deprograming all that will take a while...

                    But, during the process, couldn't we help our ennemies to taste their own medecine... against each other ?

                    SJW are good at bullying. What if we help them to get a perfectly legitimate target to bully, that happened to be ... on the same (theorical) side ?

                    Feminist are stutborn and dedicated ? What if we help them tu use their unbending determination on subject that hurt themselves ?

                    We haven't to 'dox' or to invent things. Our ennemies do that.

                    No. Just to have a low profile, being a good listener, and help them using their own rotten sysem on interesting targets.


                    Find a flaw in your local Feminsit/SJW and after a little brainstorming, find an original way help it to be better one, against itself, or against one of his kind.
                    Rinse and repeat.

                    Rules of engagement:

                    - You can be deceptive (undercover), but nothing you use should be a lie. Use only truth, and preferently, one of their favorite truth.
                    - You can use dirt, but not invent it. Find one of their own dirt, and help them play with it.
                    - You can be manipulative, but not directly harmful. (nothing illegal). They are destructive. Just help them to be self destructive.
                    - In a way, you could see it as 'white hack'. 'Hack' their mind... to use it against themselves.

                    Have fun. You mays see this as guerrilla training. Or psychological warfare. Those things are never enough to win a war. It just makes the ennemy weaker, ununited and vulnerable. The fatal blows can only be given on 'regular ground'(reocuping strategic position with the support of enough people).

                    Waiting for that... Meanwhile, i dream of a world where Duvid Futrelle association with know sex offenders is the subject of a flame war between Big Red, Sarkesian, and their respective supporters...

                    Wish you do that ?

                    Well, read the 'classics'

                    - Petit traité de manipulation à l'usage des honnêtes gens (Joules- Beauvoir) Literally, the title of the book means ' Little treaty of manipulation for the use of good people'. If you don't find a good translation of this book, educate yourself about 'psychology of compliance'
                    - The art of deception (Kevin Mitnick) Do you know most of his 'hacks' weren't illegal per se, and didn't even need the use of any computer ? It only need a study about the structure of his target with mainstream informations...
                    - 36 stratagems. Do yourself a favor and some 'cultural appropriation, and learn the chinese art to fuck up your ennemies. Guomingtang used it. Mao dzedong used it. Quite a reference...
                    - I strongly advocate the read of 'The Prince' of Machiave'l, and the inevitable 'The art of war' by Sun Tzu.

                    Do your Homework. And have a nice day !

                    Winter is coming Let's find some furs, and educate our ennemies about the virtues of empowerment by burlesque snow stripping.
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                      He did it ! He DID id ! I was longing for it, and it's now there ! My preeeeecious...gnnnn...gnnnnn.

                      5 Practical ways to deal with feminists (on public debate)


                      All praises to the Mighty Lucian !
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                        Winning a war. (short version)

                        Another interesting discussion that leads to this short article. (The discussion by itself is irrelevant).

                        There are lots of misconception about wars.

                        You don't win wars by fighting, crushing your ennemies, etc. These are means to an end.

                        You win by taking, or re-taking CONTROL of a place, situation, ressource, group etc

                        And you can only have by gaining two things

                        - (re)take the control of strategical positions.
                        - (re)gaining the support of a sufficent number of people.

                        Without these purposes, it dosen't matter how many battles you fight.

                        "War therefore is an act of violence to compel your opponent to fulfil our will" Karl von Kausewitz

                        "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" Sun Tzu.
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                          Political action (How to enter into)

                          An interesting exchange in the comments of Elan's video : Gynocentrism vs Values

                          The content in the video is accurate. But, so what?

                          Many groups of the past (Indians, royalists, Meiji, Tudor, Jacobin, etc ...) have accurately portrayed their demands but could not turn words into successful action. The AVFM men spend far too much time talking, writing, or consciousness raising with far too little time spent in political action. AVFM will likely go the way of most men's groups of the past ... into the dustbin of history ... unless political action commences.
                          (A possible answer, among anothers)

                          Political action means nothing if:

                          1. You haven't a clear vision of the situation

                          2. Enough talent to share your vision

                          3. An independant media of Professional quality to spread your analysis

                          4. A solid base of peoplen ready to coordonate to work with you, and trained to resist the dirty tricks of your ennemies.

                          5. The ability to male allies, because you will fucking need a Lot, lot, LOTS of them.

                          6. The ability to decide some strategies that will work in the Real world (and not only on our little 'sphere')

                          7. The ability to do what it gets to win little victories after little victories to get IRL credibility, and to survive your wound after each defeats.

                          8. THEN you MAY have the material to have any Political action.

                          By the way, "Men's day problems" clearly show our voices BEGUINS to be heard by some political leaders.

                          Of course, they will probably try to use us for their own agenda before dumping us. That's the way they work.

                          Acquiring any REAL power on a society is a long, dangerous, dirty road. There are no shortcuts.
                          But, in the so called 'ManoSphere', there are very few groups who did as much as AVFM and his associates.

                          A sure sign is that they are particulary targeted and attacked by our common ennemies.

                          So, i agree AVFM is far away from their objectives. But they're on the Road. And you're still in the box.
                          Entering into 'politics' on a real, meaningfull level should be of course a major strategical position.

                          But if you think fighting Feminist was like diving into a dumpster, be ready to swim in a radioactive waste among politicians.

                          "En politique, le plus doué des amateurs ne vaut rien contre le moins doué des professionnels" (François Miterrand)

                          Traduction: "In politics, the more gifted amateur is worthless against the less gifted Professional"

                          Another advice from Miterrand, the most machiavelous president of his time. "If you want to rise to power, network is everything"
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                            Striking back to a feminist and SJW campaign

                            The marvellous story of Thunderf00t Vs LaughingWitch


                            Tnere's pretty much everything in this story. Much to learn.


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                              An interesting discussion lied on comment section beneath the last video.

                              How to get rid of a PC teacher

                              Basically, I go to a public University (University of Oregon) and I am in a Writing 122 class, which is only about learning how to write. There is no gender studies part of this required class, it is ONLY about writing. I've noticed that my teacher is definitely a social justice warrior, and she has said numerous things as FACT to our whole class, ie wage gap is true, teach men not to rape, and most recently she said that you can't be sexist to men. Being a public University and a class that has no gender studies application to it, is there anything I can/should do? Like send an email to my University or something? I'm just nervous because there are quite a few girls in my class who I can tell are starting to buy into the bullshit she is spewing which is dangerous. Thoughts?
                              Well, you may have 4 basic options here

                              1. You shut up, turn ghost, got your degree and do everything to avoid depression. I don't recommand it, but sometimes, you have no choices.
                              You can also reclaim your money, quit, and spare yourself a lot of sufferings.

                              2. You complain about your teacher. Well, her direction could not be happy about her behaviour, but don't have to much hope these days, until you got a video showing her really, really crazy. You'll probably face, alone, a lot of hostility. I don't recommand this either, but if one of your parent is a wealthy lawyer...

                              3. You search allies in your class. Maybe there are other pupils (male and female) that can't stand this propaganda. The more you are, the better are your chances to be heard by her direction. At least, if you can do nothing, you won't suffer alone...

                              4. You frame her with her own bullshit.
                              Encourage her about being crazy. Ask her about minorities, transexuals etc. She will eventually said something offensive (not about men, but about a minority). Record her, then, on the basis of being prejudiced, make her fired.
                              You see what i mean ?
                              If she said tant all men are rapists, nobody cares. If she say that muslim men are rapists, her hierarchy will drop her like a hot rock.
                              Another example: If she spit on christians, no problems, but if she do the same on jews, that' would be a scandal (out of her 'safe space)
                              So play the idiot. Ask her advice on specific subject.
                              And record (discretly) her answers...

                              Some 'hot topics': (do some research to find the feminist nuts who wrote about it, it's important to quote a 'serious' feminist author, and find an innocuous way to ask about it)

                              - Are transexual real women ?
                              - Do gangrape have a homosexual component ?
                              - Women are victim, never perpetrators, So, women paedophiles are victims ?
                              - Women don't rape. So little girls who were molested by female teachers were NOT rape victims ? (find some examples)
                              - Wich religion is the more offensive to women ?
                              - Feminists are right. But when two major figures disagree, who should you follow ? (Is mariage prostitution ?)
                              - Women should be allowed to join front line units. Should women be on the draft list ? (equality of casualties ?)

                              Remember. The point is not to convince your teacher, but to convince people she is unfit for the job.
                              (Record her being calmly or furiously insane).

                              Don't expect to be heared or believed immediatly. Think what would give the best effect wih your material.
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