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    WikiMANNia (MRA Wiki) is a knowledge base regarding favoritism towards women and discrimination against men in politics, law and society.
    Imagine a world in which every man can share knowledge free of feminist indoctrination. That's our commitment. — WikiMANNia Vision Statement.
    The goal of WikiMANNia is to be a comprehensive library of men's issues, antifeminism, men's movement and criticism of feminism. It is dedicated to helping everyone who defends himself against these injustices by providing arguments and facts.
    WikiMANNia is the antithesis of the feminist victim culture and hate ideology.

    The german speaking version was lanched in january 2009 y at the moment includes nearly 2000 articles.

    The english speaking version was lanched technically in august 2011 but no english speaking editorial team could be formed.

    Volunteers can contact us via

    We hope with the help of the portal A Voice for Men we can find mens and womens, willing to give the world a feminism free encyclopedia and form an english speaking editorial team.

    Best regards,
    WikiMANNia Germany

    Project page

    English WikiMANNia

    We have a test installation for trying out, learning and figuring things out!
    User: Guest
    Password: avoiceformenandwomen

  • #2 will close if no english speaking editorial is established will close if no english speaking editorial is established until the end of 2015.


    • #3 has now 400 entries.

      But without an english speaking editorial team it will not become a great work.

      The German team has finished 2.450 articles yet.