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WikiMANNia: Call for help -- defeat feminist censorship!

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  • WikiMANNia: Call for help -- defeat feminist censorship!

    Hi, my name is Werner.

    I am part of the Men's Rights team from Germany called WikiMANNia. I would like to ask all members of the AVfM forums if they would be willing to help!

    We are in partnership already with A Voice for Men. AVfM supports us, and we support you. But we need people to come and help create new articles or correct ones that are already there but maybe need improvement.

    WikiMANNia (German MANN = English man) already brings up links men's issues in its topsearch engine results in German language. We want to do the same for English.

    So if you really want to Fuck Their Shit Up come and join the editor's team in the English WikiMANNia.
    Please: if you can help, contact us and sign up to help improve this wiki.

    WikiMANNia is going to challenge feminist dominance of Wikipedia.

    And: Yes, YOU CAN!!!

    You just need your English language. No German skills needed. The system is so easy to handle, that everybody can manage it - so you dont need to be a technical expert (The MediaWiki system is well known from Wikipedia). That simple it is. It is not harder than using this forum.

    We need volunteers to help edit, improve old and add new content. We also need someone willing to be the Team Leader for the English Editorial Team.

    Anyone with almost any skill level can edit easily. You just need to learn a few fairly simple things.

    Our opponents do not hear us, so we need to be louder!
    WikiMANNia is the Artillery of Men's Rights Movement.

    In Germany we have allready challenged the feminists and we are now always in the top search results with items that effect men and boys. We can do this in English too!
    You can help Fuck Their Shit Up by becoming an editor in the English WikiMANNia.

    Please contact me, we want to hear from you're willing.

    Contact me here in the forum or via

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    Kick ass.

    Guys, if you really want to do some activism, here's a real chance for you. The German version of WikiMANNia is a big influence. I hope anyone with some spare time can sign up for an account and begin working with Werner and his team. They even have a rolling Skype chat room (in English) already set up for the people who are part of it.

    The most effective activism we believe is educating the world on our issues. So please, pitch in and help if you can!


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      Outstanding...I'm going to pin this thread so it shows up on the top of the forum.
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        Nice! I hope you are able to garner some assistance from this fine lot!