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  • Looking for a virus

    Hello. Excuse if made a few mistakes, but english is not my first language.

    I ‚ve been awaken for a while, but find it difficult to shake the apathy of my fellow citizen.

    So i asked myself: how could i efficiently wake up the maximum of people ?

    People who WANTS to wake up can search and finally finds you or other sites, get explanation on the ‚Feminist global lies‘ and stop feeling insane.

    But the problem is that the system makes our pain (as men) unthinkable to ouservelves, and our education provides us with ‚antivirus‘ that does not help us, but makes it uneasy, confusing and shamefull to try to devellop our free thinking.

    It’s quite difficult to wake people on one on one basis.
    And most sites,videos, articles, posters… could only convince people that have bypassed their ‚antivir‘.

    So, i’m looking for a virus.

    A virus that could infect the maximum of people with the germs of the truth.

    A virus that could use the body off the system as his incubator., spreads rapidely, mutates rapidely.

    A virus that could bypass the 'antivir' of a maximum of people, on a short period, and provide them the tools to wake up, if they desire it.

    Here are the specifications:

    It should be very short.
    It should be funny to get viral
    It should have a STRONG point
    It should tell an inconvenient truth
    It should end with a link to verify that truth.
    The link should lead to a high quality page, not an obscure blog of an angry person.

    Most people won’t watch a videoclip with a title as ‚Anti feminism etc‘ (antivir). You have to think to SUBVERT feminist message to spread this to a large public.

    An example of a short clip that could be easily made with not much money

    Title : Adopt a male

    Scenes: the journey of smily man, confronting all the horrors that could statistically hit him (stick figures)

    Voice off: „Sometimes, it sucks to be a man“(Laughters)

    (vo): You got 4 times more to get murderd as women (laughters)

    ( Very tragic by funily presented accidents, suicides, wrongly accused etc)

    (Each time, the poor man is grieving a message is drawn above him showing the social stigma or carelessness he faced: Grow a pair ! Poor wiener ! Looser ! Stalker ! Deadbeat etc )


    (clip Ending)

    Voice off: So, adopt a male to help him (big brake noise the rewind noise)

    Voice off: Sorry buddy, it's a lie: NOBODY is going to adopt you. Nobody cares. You're a disposable chump.
    Wake up. Find some pals in the same situation. Start fighting for a better life. If you don't claim your rights as a man, you'll become a statistic.


    (scrolling links. Fade to black)


    If you like this idea, maybe could you post here your own projetcs for viral campaigns.