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  • MRM Postering campaign?

    Lets just say, hypothetically speaking of course, I was considering going out on a postering campaign. I am new to this sort of thing. I am cooking up shit with a fellow MRA known to many on this site, and the next time I meet and discuss things with this individual I would like to have done some research, performed some inquiry so that I have something intelligent to put forward.

    Defining the Objective

    The objective will most certainly be to draw attention to the MRM. But is that designed to:

    1. Get the feminists all riled up? Because thats just fucking plain fun. But the issue is that it will be torn down quickly and not be seen by the numbers of people we want. But getting feminists all fired up might draw some traffic to AVfM, but that is not likely to lead to converts.

    2. Recruit. The follow on to this point is to identify what areas of high traffic will get us the most exposure that I can discuss with my partner in crime (literally). What demographics are most likely to join? All of this will need to be thought about. Thoughts, experiences?

    3. Draw media attention to the site. A single poster on a hydro pole will be seen by dozens of people. If that hits the news, it will be seen by tens of thousands. Again, the location of this will determine if it gets attention or not.

    4. What message recruits best? For me, it was anti-feminism plain and simple. but will this be a selling feature, or will a better one be promoting mens rights? Many men are unaware that this is even an issue. How do we teach men and women in a few words that it is worth visiting our site to educate themselves on the MRM. I am sure that as a passerby sees a poster, they have less than 5 seconds to sell themselves on the idea. So what works best for the MRM. Anti-feminism, anti-misandry (most people do not even know what this is), Mens rights, fathers rights. What are the buzz words that are strongest?

    Poster Placement

    1. To me, this seems like one of those things that must be done right, the first time, and must have some thought on its location. Chances are that feminists will see it and tear it down. The longevity of the message will be directly related to its location and placement and the attitude of the neighbourhood or community it is in. I watched Johntheothers video on the Vancouver poster campaign, it was the first AVfM video i ever saw and is responsible for bringing me here.

    2. Is there a time of day thats best. I understand the idea of the whole high density traffic area for maximum exposure, but the posters wont survive a day.

    Keeping and Sharing notes

    1. Are the people who are affiliated with the MRM in Saskatoon and Edmonton open amongst other MRA's about what they did with respect to poster placement. I would love to correspond with them somehow just to ask things like when, where, how many did you put up, what time, did you get a lot of attention as you did it, was it covert? Anyone have hook ups or connections? Were they affiliated with us or NCFM or CAFE? Are these people right under my nose?

    2. Do we keep a resource here on AVfM that discusses this. The poster and activism section discusses some things like the shorter the message, the better it is. It even lists the KARMA MRA poster as the most effective one, but doesn't show me which one that is from our selection (unless I missed it, which is highly possible if not outright likely).

    Stickers and Posters

    1. I want fucking stickers! I'll buy them. FFS how do I get them?

    2. Where DO we get these posters from? Do we print them in our own homes on 8 by 11's? Or can we get them done by a company, and what would that be... a printing press company? (sorry for the dumb question but I have never ever tried to use this kind of service before)

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    RE: MRM Postering campaign?

    I don't poster due to life circumstances but dannyboycndmra has a lot of videos of his putting up the stickers you could watch for inspiration


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      RE: MRM Postering campaign?

      1. Nah, who cares what they think? They're set in their ways and intentionally poking the hive causes unneeded trouble. Fight them when it matters but don't go looking for a fight IMO.

      2. Sure new people are always good. If this is the main goal I'd hit up areas where the issues have the highest impact such as around schools and courthouses. I think people that see it will be curious what we have to say.

      3. If the main goal is to just draw attention to the site then your posters or whatever probably need to say something outrageous. That's the only way to catch the medias attention.

      4. Depends on your target. Men tend to be more responsive to factual arguments, laying out the numbers. Women are generally more responsive to emotional arguments (think of the children!!!). Young people are more concerned with the present and what kind of things can change quick while older people are more concerned with the future and future generations. Appealing to everyone at once can be difficult so know the audience you're trying to appeal to and target them specifically would be my advice.

      Poster Placement
      1. I think there's two ways to go about it. High impact areas where they'll be taken down quickly (aforementioned courthouses and schools) and middle to low impact areas where they might last a bit longer and be seen by more people like residential areas and bus stops. Both have their advantages and disadvantages I think and it goes back to deciding what your ultimate goal is.

      2. Early morning and late evening I'd presume although that's just a guess.


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        Posters are good, but i think short viral clips would work either, maybe even better.

        A funny and smart clip could have millions of views... giving LOTS of people the possiblility to get the Redd pill...

        Maybe a smart copy of viodeovlips of violence domestic violence... presenting men instead women, a few shocking facts and statistics AND some good visual jokes and puns.