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Should we have a wiki?

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  • Should we have a wiki?

    After being told I was using scilencing tactics whilst expressing my opinion the other week I finally got around to wondering what that meant and how the people I was talking to we're so sure what was and wasn't a silencing tactic.

    What I have just found was this: (specifically and I was wondering if we had something similar or whether it would be a good idea for the movement to have information available in a wiki like this? It might be a good resource for people unaware of the best paces for information.

    What do people think?

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    RE: Should we have a wiki?

    we already have one. Here it is.


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      RE: Should we have a wiki?

      Ah, thank you for the link. I hadn't realised it we there


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        We have another one: ;-)


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          I don't see much going on with the Wiki? Or is it still active? Is it okay to add/edit it? Or are we going to switch to WikiMANNia?
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