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  • Model Feminism VI - Incredible, yet true

    Hi, another little gem (sry for the trashy translation):

    /Solveig Horne, Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion,/ proposes several changes to the Children's Act

    Horne wishes to change the Children's Act.
    The proposal, based on divided domicile for children with divorced parents, meets opposition.
    In addition to split domicile, the proposal specifies joint custody, rules for relocation with the child, and sanctions for visitation sabotage.
    The aim of the changes lasted submitted Tuesday, is to strengthen parental responsibility, strengthen children's contact with both parents and prevent visitation sabotage, says Horne in a press release.
    - I propose joint parental responsibility as a starting point for everyone, including parents who do not live together when the child is born, Horne says.

    Ombudsman warning
    Two proposals for divided domicile are sent out for community feedback. The minister's preferred option is that divided domicile is given legal priority, by making this the first alternative alternative open to parents to be mentioned in the law text.
    The minister also wishes community feedback on whether divided domicile should be the norm also for cohabiting parents.

    Children Ombudsman Anne Lindboe warns strongly against making the so-called divided domicile fundamental to the law.
    - The basis must be the best interest of the child, not equality between parents, Lindboe says to media.
    Lindboe sees the bill as having a grown-up perspective.
    Two suggestions about relocation with children are also sent out for community feedback. The Government wants to strengthen the current scheme by introducing obligatory mediation when there is disagreement.
    Horne further suggests that parents with joint custody need assent for children to relocate in the country.

    Strong reactions

    To ensure contact with both parents, Horne wants equality between parents as caregivers.
    - Parents are equal and equally important to the child. When parents perceive themselves as equal in the parenting role,
    it will lower the level of conflict, to the benefit of the child, Horne says.

    In order to have a stronger response to visitation sabotage Horne proposes giving the Government Debt Reclaiming Agency unified national responsibility for recovering sanction fines specified in the Children's Act.

    /From another source:

    The minister wants it to be considered whether withholding or abrogating (/government/) child support welfare payments
    could be a useful new sanction type./