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Woman shot by Oslo Police

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  • Woman shot by Oslo Police

    Not sure what to make of this ....
    But read the last two paras :-)

    The woman was threatening to kill a child, police told NRK. When police arrived at the scene, the woman had allegedly been trying to stab the child with a knife.

    It is this event that is to have led to the police firing a gun at her. It is currently unknown how many shots police fired.

    - At 17.14 police were alerted that there is a woman who tries to stab a child. Police arrived quickly at the scene, and as the police arrive, the situation is so threatening and time so short that a police officer fired a shot and hit the woman, said the officer commanding on site, Rune Bjørsvik, NRK.

    Police said the woman was in her 30s and a Norwegian citizen. She was quickly taken to hospital with moderate injuries. According to a witness the shot downed her immediatley.

    The child, who police refer to as a toddler, is not injured. Police say the child was not hers.

    - At first we thought it was the woman's own child, but later we learned that that is not the case. What relation there is we do not know exactly, says Bjørsvik.

    Police do not believe other children have been injured.

    - We've had search in the area to see if there are other children who the woman might have stabbed, but we have not found any so far, says the response leader.

    /The scene and surrounding area/ was blocked off, and crime technicians were sent to the site. Police will now question witnesses present.

    Fast-track investigation opened immediately

    The policeman who shot is now classified as a suspect in the shooting, as is routine. He is being questioned tonight. Internal affairs is routinely notified and has immediately opened an investigation against the police officer.

    - We do not have any details yet. We were notified and have opened a fast-track investigation. The investigation will clarify the facts, both the background for the intervention, the events themselves and the status of the person who is shot. We can not now go public with details. After the initial interrogations, we will consider further investigative measures, says Liv Eyes, Head of South Norway Division of the Norwegian Bureau for the Investigation of Police Affairs.

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    Lucky her. If I caught her trying to knife my child, I would blow her head off. Not a "moderate injury"
    Something I have never understood, is society's eagerness to excuse and absolve the retarded, mentally incompetent, insane, etc. Why?
    There was a case in the USA where two men were arrested because they tied a woman to a tree and took turns raping her over and over, torturing, then killing her.
    One got the death penalty, the other was retarded, and received a very light sentence. Ostensibly, because he was not responsible.
    I do not remember the fine details, but it was plain from the article that this retarded man was very aware of the death penalty, was scared to death about it, and had done everything to avoid it.
    Hmmm, doesn't that, in and of itself, indicate he knows right from wrong and is anxious to avoid the penalty? To actually not be responsible, he would have to be shown to be unaware of the difference between right and wrong. He certainly knew!
    Even without these specifics, not being responsible, not understanding right from wrong, should be an argument FOR conviction, not against. Why turn them loose? Why imprison them? If they are not responsible, and cannot tell right from wrong, what point is imprisonment?
    We should have an automatic death penalty for anyone like this, for being incorrigible, and a danger to society. Prison wont reform them and they are unfit for society.