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Model Feminism Argument

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  • Model Feminism Argument


    I'm pleased to see the eminent Jordan B. Peterson making the Model Feminism argument, albeit implicitly - I knew there was something to it

    "Jordan Peterson on Gender Differences, Patriarchy & Social Constructionism":


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    kicking the de-cuntstruck-ulist right where the soft skin is
    "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one" - Charles Mackay

    And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee. - Donne

    "What we are seeing in this headless misandry is a grand display of the Tyranny of the Underdog: 'I am a wretchedly longstanding victim; therefore I own no burden of adult accountability, nor need to honor any restraint against my words and actions. In fact, all efforts to restrain me are only further proof of my oppressed condition.'
    "It is the most perfect trump-card against accountable living ever devised." - Gladden Schrock

    "What remains for most men in modern life is a world of expectation without reward, burden without honor and service without self" - Paul Elam