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Is Punjab Rape festival real?

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  • Is Punjab Rape festival real?

    Dear Indians,

    I would like to clarify whether this festival is real or not:

    I first recieved news from here:

    I suspect that it is fake and the one behind it wants to demonize men. Shades of Brown also suggested that they are from joke sites (, but did not specify which.

    [EDITED] I checked The Real Singapore the second time and it turns out to be a hoax. My bad. But how would you deal with this article that would consequently put a group of people in a bad light?
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    RE: Is Punjab Rape festival real?

    The source is call "Super Official News", it is a bullshit article.
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      RE: Is Punjab Rape festival real?

      When ever something seems to be too outrageous to believe, check into it. Internet hoaxing is a pastime for some demented folks.
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        RE: Is Punjab Rape festival real?

        In short...the article is about as real as The Onion?
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