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  • License fee non-payment

    It now looks likely that failure to pay the TV license fee - used to fund the BBC - will be decriminalised.

    If that is the case, non-payment would become a civil offence. You could not be sent to prison for it, and you would not have a criminal record. The likely penalty would be a fine.

    In 2010, 164,444 people were prosecuted for evading the licence fee. Licence fee fines in that year totalled just under £25million.

    That makes an average fine of £152. The license fee itself costs £145.

    The BBC has a long history of gender bias, from outrageously one-sided pieces on DV to constant pre-trial naming of men accused of sex crimes

    If decriminalisation happens, how many UK residents would consider not paying the license fee as a form of activism?

    Please use the voting buttons.
    Yes, I would refuse to pay the license fee
    No, I would continue to pay the license fee

    The poll is expired.

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    The question is, "Would you pay it?"
    It should be, "Should it be decriminalized?
    They are looking at it from a funding standpoint, not a rights or criminalization view.


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      But we don't get a say in whether it should be decriminalised - both major parties agree that it should be decriminalised.

      If it is decriminalised, then what we can do is refuse to pay. We can register a protest, and reduce the amount of money the BBC receives to pump out misandrist crap.


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        It should be decriminalize.

        I don't see a reason to found from my Taxes something so corrupt as TV.


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          I just want to add that I haven't paid the TV tax for, oh, about 7 years nows. You only need a license if your TV is capable of receiving a live broadcast. Some years ago, a court case established that it was sufficient to de-tune the TV (mine is also not plugged into the arial). I have a DVD player, but to be honest, after a number of years without a TV, I find it hard work to watch a DVD now.

          I get loads of threats from TV licensing, but I'm long past worrying about them. Occasionally I get an inspector who pushes a slip thru the door. While I've yet to face one directly, I've decided that my response if it happens is to simply shut the door without comment. These people work for Capita (a private company) and have no right to enter your home. They work on commission, so they're only interested in catching you out. There's nothing to be gained by getting into arguments about only watching DVDs etc. Practically the only way you can end up in court is if you admit to them that you are watching TV. Just close the door and don't worry, be happy!
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            WoW couldn't believe it, had to look this one up . . .
            In the United Kingdom and the Crown Dependencies, any household watching or recording live television transmissions as they are being broadcast (terrestrial, satellite, cable, or internet) is required to hold a television licence. Businesses, hospitals, schools and a range of other organisations are also required to hold television licences to watch and record live TV broadcasts.[1] Since 1 April 2010 the annual licence fee has been £145.50 for colour and £49.00 for black and white.[2][3][4] Income from the licence is primarily used to fund the television, radio and online services of the BBC. The total income from licence fees was £3.7261 billion in 2013–14
            haha I have BBC America on satellite, is there no junk ADVERTIZING, "commercials" on your UK channel?? Is it like PBS that is solely "viewers like you", non-profit foundation funded? You'd think it'd be averaged out in "provider fees"? Used to STEAL the signal(s), pay NOTHING without even their knowledge of service, would 100% approve of doing same!!

            Dish Drops CNN, Several Other Turner Networks
            "Despite our best efforts, we were unable to reach an agreement with Dish Network, and they have unilaterally decided to pull CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, truTV, TCM, HLN, CNN en Espanol and Boomerang off the air upon the expiration of our current deal," Turner said in a statement.
            Shouldn't have to support junk let 'freemarket' reign!!!
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            I flee this bitter world where vice is king,
            And seek some spot unpeopled and apart
            Where free to enjoy my only too honest(children's)heart(s).”

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              i specifically have an old 80's TV without all that digibox crap built in to it so i can use it to play video games through the scart connection but not waste my money on paying for the god awful socialist brainwashing of the BBC, that way i can watch whatever i want for free on the internet and use my TV for gaming without legally being pressured to buy a license, quite a nice little mgtow solution to the issue i feel
              "There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious—makes you so sick at heart—that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part. And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all."
              Mario Savio

              "A single, seemingly powerless person who dares to cry out the word of truth
              and to stand behind it with all his person and all his life, ready to pay a
              high price, has, surprisingly, greater power, though formally disfranchised,
              than do thousands of anonymous voters."
              Vaclav Havel
              'if you want to know who rules you, look at who you're not allowed to criticise' Voltaire