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    Find MRA

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    RE: North Carolina

    My Name is Jeremy. I'm in Central NC. I would like to find other MRA's in the area, make a post or contact me if you are in central NC as well.


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      RE: North Carolina

      Red inspired me to get the information for boots on the ground activism.

      This is a bill that will allow a man named as father to challenge paternity.
      It passed the house 117 -0
      It appears to have stalled in committee in the Senate.

      This bill will put a check box on the state tax return for donations to breast cancer. Breast Cancer research and screenings are a good thing, so Is Prostate Cancer research and screenings.

      This bill is funding for "Women only" programs. Men are victims of DV, Rape, and displacement as well.

      This bill is "The teen dating violence prevention act" It is very non-specific on what types of violence are to be considered "dating violence" and has a particular focus on HPV that can cause cancer and infertility in women. It would be a good discussion to find out if this is a VAWA for children or actual violence prevention.
      The info for your rep in the house

      Here's to boots on the ground activism.