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Rape Kits vs Feminism

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  • Rape Kits vs Feminism

    I've been wondering... I wonder if you can help me come to a conclusion, or at least a suggestion. Do feminists support the use of rape kits? Or do they deny their legitimacy? And by extension, would the denial of their legitimacy further support their idea of the existence of rape culture, and their statistics on rape victims in Canada/USA?

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    I'm pretty sure it depends.
    If it helps to convict an alleged rapist it's a good thing.
    If it helps to protect an alleged rapist or the woman doesn't want to use a rape kit because no rape really occured I'm pretty sure feminists don't see it as any kind of necessity...


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      In most cases, a rape kit will prove that a sexual act occurred, but seldom gives any indication of who freely and willingly participated. There might be exceptions of course. For example, if the woman has the man's flesh and blood under her nails, that would indicate that she attacked him. Even then though, it still wouldn't necessarily indicate whether she attacked him offensively or defensively.

      To fill in the blanks of the rape kit test, the judge would then consider their stories. For example, if the rape kit test shows his semen in her vagina, the judge will expect him to explain how it might have gotten there. Or if his blood lay under her fingernails, the judge might want an explanation for that too.
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