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Primary source for DNA exoneration of those accused of rape?

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  • Primary source for DNA exoneration of those accused of rape?

    I'm working on a database of useful MRM statistics that only uses reliable primary sources (, if you want to contribute), and I'm having trouble tracking down a source for this topic.

    I've seen 2 different statistics cited on the web. Unfortunately, each have their own problems:
    • 1/3 of DNA tests exonerate the accused: every place that I've found this all ultimately point back to this 1993 Newsweek article (, which has absolutely no citation.
    • 1/4 of DNA tests exonerate the accused: the only place I was able to find this was in an expert's commentary on a report, which also had no data other than the statistic thrown out.

    Does anyone have any idea where primary sources can be found for the rate of rape accusations/convictions that turn out to be false (or unverifiable) using DNA analysis? Thanks!

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