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Is the main girl from the new Star Wars a Mary Sue?

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    I got another epic story...happens everywhere across the universe every day

    my wife couldnt get the kiddy-proof lid off her antibiotics yesterday.

    i said she should use the force....Do not think ... do young Jedi

    So, she gave the bottle to me.
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      Saw the new movie. Rey finally admits out loud that her parents simply abandoned her on the planet. Kylo, speaking to Rey, says they pawned her off for some drinking money. Maybe he got that nugget when he was trying to read her mind in the first movie, maybe he knows more about her, personally, than he's letting on, maybe he made it up. Who knows. But as of the end of the 2nd movie, she's just as skilled and as strong as Kylo despite....


      Having received only a day or two of lessons from Luke. Which should be unlikely considering that Kylo was trained by Luke and then by Snoke. Speaks for Rey being a Mary Sue in my opinion. I mean, I get their first confrontation. Kylo was injured by Chewie's blast and Rey had some assistance from Finn. But, this time, they were dead even.


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        Well today, Disney is ruled by SJWs. So a female Jedi was inevitable. And of course it seems the entire resistance is now run by women and the entire dark side is run by (white) men. This is an INCREDIBLY feminist movie.

        But also, Disney is way too lazy and impatient to build up Rey's character the proper way. So they will just make a Mary Sue, cash in on a trilogy, and then end the whole Skywalker chapter so they can move into a different direction.


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          They could have Rey turn Kylo Ren good; they marry and have children and the Skywalker bloodline lives on. But that will never happen because getting married and having children is misogyny. So it will just be good Rey stabs bad Kylo Ren with lightsaber. Kylo Ren/Ben Solo dies. All ties to the Star Wars saga forever cut. Maybe they'll have C-3PO or R2-D2 cameo and say a line in each future movie in some vain attempt to give these movies some validity, unless they kill them off too to give BB-8 more screentime.

          This shouldn't bother me as much as it does, but I've really been depressed about all this. Luke Skywalker was my childhood hero. I don't understand why boys aren't allowed to have heroes anymore. Everything has to be torn down and emasculated.


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            Originally posted by Phobos View Post
            I don't understand why boys aren't allowed to have heroes anymore.
            They might get ideas above their station.



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              Small answer I'm not sure But BB8 DEFINITELY is
              Interested in men rights activism in the Sydney area ?
              Go to


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                I watched it online. (Not gonna pay Disney.)
                Rey's "exceptional giftedness" from the first film is never explained. But other than that, she is not as obnoxious as in the previous film. She really didn't bother me. The scenes with her and Luke, and with her, Kylo, and Snoke were great. Everything else was garbage. Luke's ending sucked and he was wasted, as was the archvillain Snoke.

                The most obnoxious feminist insert characters were the purple-haired bitch Admiral and this fugly Asian chick that looks like the midget from Fantasy Island. They are constantly lecturing and womansplaining to the two "lead" male characters, always shutting them down and putting them in their place. Often physically shooting them with (stun) guns. Awful.

                Maybe with some judicious editing, you could get a good 90 minute film out of this 2hr35m mess.


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                  I wonder if it's as simple as the Art of Storytelling being on the decline.
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                    As Mark Hamill put it during an interview, it would have been a much more emotional impact on both the characters and the audience if it had been Luke and/or Leia there with Chewie instead of Rey when Han died. I mean, Rey had only known Han for like, what, a day or two? He hadn't exactly mentored her in anything or really been that motivational to her. Her reaction to his death was almost out of place. But put Luke and/or Leia there...... the heartache would have been that much more palpable and believable. Storywise, Leia being there would have been just as believable. Being there to help her husband bring their son home.... leading the charge against the base which was threatening them all.... it would have worked. But the way Disney's told the story, it's like no one really cared about Han at all, except Chewie. People heard about his death and the most reaction it got was a hug. This was a hero of the rebel alliance we're talking about here. His death should have had fanfare and been mourned across the galactic rebellion. I mean, sure, maybe he'd gone out of the limelight, but if you recall the original trilogy, Leia wasn't one to skip on the fanfare and the death of Han should have merited something more. Yes, I get that Harrison Ford pushed for Han's death but it could have been utilized to make the event much more poignant and emotionally tying, for the audience, to the movie. That would have been more satisfying for the older generation of viewers and it would have conveyed the significance of his death more appropriately to the younger audience.

                    So, yeah, I agree with Mifune. The art of storytelling is definitely on a decline, particularly in Hollywood.


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                      Originally posted by JamesNunya View Post
                      So, yeah, I agree with Mifune. The art of storytelling is definitely on a decline, particularly in Hollywood.
                      Ah, who cares? After all, fuck that Mifune guy, right? I just watched the new Star Wars movie today and really don't know why so many people are dumping on it up to and including asking Disney to remove it from the canon. I knew the Snoke thing was coming because of some fucktard thinking that it was cool to post about it on every single video he came across, even stuff to do with math and twisty puzzles (eg. Rubik's Cube). Thanks a fucking heap for that, whoever you are. I was awfully confused by the death of Luke, though, given that a) he was on a completely different planet when it happened and only a force projection was cut down, and b) he didn't die right away, but was on some kind of a time delay. I'm also REALLY curious about how they're going to handle Episode IX now that Carrie Fisher has merged with The Force.

                      As for the Asian chick, she was no hero. She sacrificed herself uselessly preventing Finn from making a REAL heroic sacrifice. The only reason it didn't turn into an unmitigated disaster was because Luke showed up. Finally, regarding Rey's ancestry, we need to consider the source here... Kylo could have easily made Rey believe whatever he wanted her to believe. We've also learned from past history that Force users are prone to tell the truth... "from a certain point of view".

                      Finally, as far as Luke goes, we haven't seen the last of him yet. He WILL be back for episode IX. I'm willing to bet my entire bank account on that one. Source: what happened in episodes V and VI.
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                        hated 7
                        hated rogue 1
                        still havnt seen 8. will watch when i see a good quality download. been checking
                        solo - only one ive been looking forward to but i honestly will most likely hate as well. but the lando cast is PERFECT
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                        where were you before you put yourself last?
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