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    I dunno, maybe I'm solo in this, but there are some movies as well as even songs and games which I will ONLY enjoy when drinking. It would feel wrong to watch/listen/play when sober. I used to often drink in time when people drank in said drinking movies, but lately I've mostly just put the movie on and drank as I liked as the movie plays. Well this thread is for those who have a similar hobby to go with their hobby of drinking. What's your favourite bits of media to drink to?

    Master & Commander

    Withnail & I


    Fight Club


    Drunken Master

    Drunken Master 2 (Known otherwise as Legend of the Drunken Master)

    Down and Out in Beverly Hills (Love that these song; One in a Lifetime)

    The Doors

    Mississippi Grind

    Dazed and Confused

    My Left Foot

    The World's End

    That's enough to get things started. These movies are pretty awesome, and made even moreso when used as an inebriation acceleration device. Might give The Doors a watch tonight, Val Kilmer is such an awesome actor. I also enjoy drinking to Real Genius, though that's mostly because I used to enjoy getting stoned to Real Genius back when I was a stoner. Good times... Val was quite young back then in the mid-80s. What an awesome comedy, and the soundtrack... epic. Gotta love 70s/80s music. 60s Has a special place in my heart as well; went through a bit of a Beatles phase at the end of my teens and in my extremely early 20s. Oh, er, I rather hope this