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  • Ill just leave this here.

    OH? You would like to Flame ME? ... ok, come now, don't be shy.... Step into the light....

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    Originally posted by natedogbfd View Post
    Yup, I think I saw that a while back. Awesome vid and gets the point across at the hypocrisy of SJWs and 3rd wave feminists. Accusations, rejection of studies, basing everything off emotions, and resorting to simple name-calling. 'Misogynist, rape apologist, racist, sexist, homophobic', etc. The words have lost all meaning at this point. I mean, what's the big deal of, say, the KKK and skinheads being racist when supposedly over half of America is racist due to having voted for the legendary Donald J Trump? Are they 'super-racist'? 'Mega-racist'? If they're simply 'racist' then it doesn't suggest much int he way of hatred, since supposedly even peaceful white people who hold no ill will towards non-Caucasian individuals are inherently racist just for being white.