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  • Erin not so saintly

    Doing some research yesterday and found a Yorkshire Post report on Erin Pizzey.

    She tried to murder her father when she was 13!
    And battered her own baby on two occasions.

    Apparently the main article appeared in "Woman's Own", probably February 1978.

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    its shit she will even talk about herself....
    its why she got into this...

    no one is perfect bud. everyone is flawed.
    Originally posted by MatrixTransform
    where were you before you put yourself last?
    Originally posted by TheNarrator
    Everywhere I travel, tiny life. Single-serving sugar, single-serving cream, single pat of butter. The microwave Cordon Bleu hobby kit. Shampoo-conditioner combos, sample-packaged mouthwash, tiny bars of soap. The people I meet on each flight? They're single-serving friends.