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what are some feminist/man hating movies?

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  • i'd say lego batman went further than just "men are idiots" it actually hated on us
    Originally posted by MatrixTransform
    where were you before you put yourself last?
    Originally posted by TheNarrator
    Everywhere I travel, tiny life. Single-serving sugar, single-serving cream, single pat of butter. The microwave Cordon Bleu hobby kit. Shampoo-conditioner combos, sample-packaged mouthwash, tiny bars of soap. The people I meet on each flight? They're single-serving friends.


    • Actually, you're right. It did. White, straight males are the only people that can be made to look like total crap in the movies for laughs, and almost no one notices. What about all the boys who grow up seeing males as inferior in every way to females in movie after movie and on almost every TV show? What about all the mothers with sons? They don't care? Fathers? Aunts? Uncles? Boys don't count to anybody in this day and age? What's happened to society?


      • "Wonder Woman"


        I noticed some things in the movie that were what I call feminist revenge scenes. I've seen this in other movies, recently "Moana", which is about a princess on an island hundreds of years ago.

        In that one, there were scenes like a man can't fix a leak in a roof no matter how he tries, a traditionally male job, but perfect Moana fixes it with no problem, then tastes some food the man cooked that he had with him and compliments him on it, saying that he was good at cooking, insinuating he was better at kitchen work then trying to fix things.

        Another scene had a huge, muscular man lying on the ground, getting a tattoo, and he's whimpering and almost crying like a little girl, while Moana holds his hand in sympathy. All the males in the movie are shown like this but Moana and her grandmother are perfect. Feminist revenge, anyone?

        "Wonder Woman" has several scenes like that. Chris Pine plays a W.W.I pilot who gets shot down in the ocean by Germans near W.W.'s island. W.W. sees his plane crash and dives in the ocean and saves him from certain death, reversing the old cliche where the man is always saving the damsel in distress that feminists complain about.

        She saves him again two or three times later on, by deflecting German bullets with her metal bracelets that would have killed him for sure.

        Chris Pine's character gets a team to go into Germany and stop their plans to use super poison gas. He has a male sharpshooter who we find out isn't a really good shot after all and Wonder Woman has to do his job for him by killing a German sniper in a church tower.

        Earlier in the movie, W.W. and Chris Pine's character are in London, with W.W. dressed like the women there. They walk into a meeting of political bigwigs, all male, of course, to give them important information, and they're aghast at seeing a women being in the room with them, invading a traditionally male area.

        W.W. had heard them talking first, and loudly criticizes them for not letting one of them speak, which they should have done. So W.W. not only has the audacity to invade a male area, she also cusses most of them out for being jerks. Go, girl power.

        Another male member of Pine's character's team speaks several languages well, but then we find out W.W. speaks hundreds of them fluently, putting him to shame.

        Pine's character has a female secretary and W.W. asks her what she does for him. She says she gets things in the office for him and runs errands, and W.W. looks angry and says it sounds like the secretary is Pine's slave. The secretary looks surprised and then pleased and then says how she really likes W.W. W.W. speaking up for a woman in a man's world.

        Which makes me wonder what the female Royalty did back on W.W.'s superior, feminist all-female island? When they were hungry, did they have to go and make their own meals? Did they shine their own armor or plow the fields or do roof repair? No servants for them at all? They left that out of the movie.

        And of course W.W.'s a one woman army, beating dozens of male German soldiers with no problem. It seems you never see her outdoing any female characters the whole movie except for Dr. Poison near the end.

        It's really well made but no wonder women (no pun intended) like it too. When are they going to make a movie aimed at men where women are inferior and men superior?
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        • Originally posted by jcr View Post
          I noticed some other things in the movie that were what I call feminist revenge scenes. ...
          When are they going to make a movie aimed at men where women are inferior and men superior?
          Well ... "the ruling ideas are always the ideas of the ruling". To avoid moral panic the author shall remain anonymous,
          but the quote captures something important: That, while unrealistic, these movies reveal what is going on in the world, and whose world we live in.

          The days were "heroism" was part of many regular jobs - like fireman and many other dangerous occupations - and some of the rarer ones,
          say, sherfiff or secret agent, are gone.

          When did we last see a "universal" hero who was a man? There's just so many twists and turns one can make to keep the concept interesting.
          The glorified boyscout went out with WWII, to be replaced by the somehow conflicted, deficient or downright damaged anti-hero, personalities
          ranging from mildly eccentric via cynic to being a downright dick, seen in every kind of variation.
          At the same time their field of activity has shrunk with the ever increasing degree of civilization, i.e. remoteness from nature and its harsh demands.
          Things have gotten so easy that women can do them, and even in high heels.

          The last bastion is perhaps soldiering, and war is still the field where stories are told by and thorugh men, although again the sacrificial aspect,
          the good guy's voluntary disposability is no longer in fashion; the anti-hero is beginning to appear here, too.

          Men are a bit like a doctor who invents Pill X, the cure for everything - suddenly that guy is out of a job.
          Well, he still has to produce Pill X, but he is no longer the next-to-God "angel in white" that saves everyone's lives.
          Worse, he is no longer the owner and manager of the Pill X factory, now he is merely the employee who does the work.
          So, he needs to either change his job, which seems unlikely, since he doesn't have a college degree, or he has to find an interesting hobby.



          • Even in my short lifetime, language has changed. Someone above said something like "hated on us." All my life we said, "Hated us." At first I though the "on" was a grammatical error, but I have seen it enough to suspect it is a permanent change in English.