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Trump Laughed At By World Leaders At UN

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    Originally posted by simpleman View Post

    I also think I know more about feminism than zionism...

    However, I do know enough about it to say that zionism is a rotten ideology. It is in itself an anti-jewish ideology.

    Now... this is an interesting point of view... I guess... some people also consider the catholic church anti-christian and the pope the antichrist... but honestly... LOL
    Many people conflate zionism with judaism. They are two separate things. One is a political, secular anti-religious ideology the other is a religion that is anti-secularism. Zionism and Judaism contradict each other. Zionism is a secular ideology written by secular individuals. Most zionists do not believe that god exists and many orthodox, religious Jews are anti-zionism because the fundamental concepts of zionism are disagreeable with the jewish faith.

    Originally posted by simpleman View Post

    I think it's founders are jewish themselves...
    Secular, atheistic, genocidal racists, most of whom did not believe in the existence of any G-d let alone a Jewish one. Many of the founders of zionism openly declared their hatred for the jewish faith, its teachings and its followers. Following the founding of Zionism, zionist organisations became actively involved in the murder of religious Jews. I gave you the example of Stern Gang in my last comment. Others include the Haganah and the Irgun. In 1939 when Britain published a White Paper to limit the immigration of European Jews to Palestine to 75, 000, this following the displacement of around 1 million Palestinians from their homes by the zionist state and its terrorist goons with the help, up to the late 20s of the British Army, Zionist groups began murdering en mass Jews that began immigrating from Palestine back to Europe along with committing terrorist acts against British targets in Palestine. One of those acts was an act of terrorism signed off by Menachem Begin, which involved a zionist group targeting and destroying a jewish boat carrying 200 Holocaust survivors killing all on board. Zionism is not Judaism. Zionism is a political ideology not a religion. It pursues nationalistic, racial interests that contradict much of the teachings of the Jewish bible.

    Originally posted by simpleman View Post

    The purpose of zionism is not to create war... as a matter of fact they did try to avoid the war by all the means they could... but they were not the only people making decisions and calling the shot and the war broke loose... because the decisions other people made.
    My friend, this is the opposite of reality. Zionism came to existence through nothing but war and terrorism. I highly recommend you read the complete diaries of the founder of zionism Theodore Herzl. If you find anything not barbaric, disgusting, racist and warmongering in that diary come back and let me know.

    Every war, with the exception of one, that the "Israeli" state has been involved in since it was created in 1948 was a war started by "Israel". Take the 1956 war with Egypt as an example. Terrorist attacks were being carried out against western targets in Egypt prior to that war. These terrorist attacks involved bombs going off in public places that were blamed on "Egyptian Islamic extremists". Its not until a bomb went off prematurely in the pockets of one of the perpetrators of these attacks, which led to his capture and exposure as a Mossad agent that these attacks were exposed as having been orchestrated and perpetrated by the Mossad in an effort to garner hatred for Egypt and justify the war that "Israel" was planning against this country. Look it up. Its called the Levon affair. After the exposure of this affair "Israel" still went ahead and attacked Egypt with the blessing of western powers. In 1966 it preemptively attacked and conquered Syria. In 1967 it preemptively attacked and conquered Egypt. Even "israel" admits to starting that war. Zionism doesn't want war? come on my friend.

    Originally posted by simpleman View Post
    First time i hear the Starns... I did a short research... it looks like they were trying to save the jews from Nazi Germany by moving them to Israel... the comments about British no being so much friends of Jews is quite honestly more than understandable... besides a long history of broken promises and the systematic rejection of the Jews... in this particular case, the British had what now is the territories of Israel and Palestine, under their control. They signed documents ensuring that they were going to turn this territories to Israel... instead of that, they did a map partitioning the palestinians into 2 areas and a badly turn of the territories to the Israel... In other words they didn't follow trough with the previous agreement...
    Britain helped create the zionist state that is "Israel" as a token of gratitude for the support given to it by the zionists and their very deep pockets during the second world war. It created "israel" in a country called Palestine that it had occupied from the ottomans. Britain was and still is the best buddy of "Israel".

    Originally posted by simpleman View Post
    Arab nations can still take them today and finish this conflict... but it appears as those nations does not want to fix this problem, but use it as propaganda fuel to spread anti-semitic rethorics...
    Would you give up on your country in this way? I wouldn't.

    Originally posted by simpleman View Post
    The same as Europe nations could have helped in following through a migration plan that was not going to create any of this conflict... but then again... what was their real interest?
    Britain and the "European nations" that you speak of, gave something to the Jews, which did not belong to Britain nor the "European nations".

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