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Women senators blame testosterone for Washington dc

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  • Women senators blame testosterone for Washington dc

    Oh really, is that it? Well, I say that its too much estrogen that is causing the majority of all our societal problems at the moment, to include the government. Consider that in this

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    RE: Women senators blame testosterone for Washington dc

    Pfft, women ending gridlock in congress. Such Bullshit. Their just as bad as anyone else. If women were great compromisers, then one would expect them to vote against party lines more frequently than men, but they don't. Dianne Feinstein voted with her party 94% of the time in the 110th congress, and so did Mikulski (note to self, reevaluate her congressional performance in preparation for 2016 elections)

    "I think the thing is, is that every man wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror and says, 'I could be president.' I think every woman looks in the mirror and says, 'What can I get done for my country today?' "
    And I think Patty murray (who was the worst of the bunch in the 110th congress in terms of voting along party lines [something like 97-98%)] doesn't know a damn thing about what people think when they look in the mirror. I don't know about everyone else, but my number one thought when looking in the mirror in the morning is "I hope my hairline isn't starting to recede."

    The article's talk about a female president was also funny. Just goes to show that even congresswomen can be naive about the power of the oval office. A female president would resolve absolutely nothing. If President Obama has proved anything, it's that looking different from your predecessors doesn't give you the magical ability to resolve every issue facing the nation and transform America into a shining city on a hill.
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