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Documentation on how feminists lie about rape

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    Thank you very much for these great great links TheDarkMan! I highly recommend people read these articles for an insight into the flawed and deceptive and hypocritical and sexist and destructive nature of feminism.

    I have some reservations about the articles.The most poignant one being from the second article. The article claims that the conviction rate for rape in the UK is 6%. That is not true. The conviction rate for rape in the UK has always been around 60% (1), ten times that claimed by the article and by some feminist organisations. This 6% figure is one thrown around by feminist organisations like Rape Crisis. Its nothing more than a lie. This 6% figure is calculated as a percentage of the total number of crimes reported to the police. It assumes that all crimes reported to the police are true rapes. It is therefore not a conviction rate but what statisticians call an attrition rate. Conviction rates have a specific definition in the judiciary and in statistics. They are the number of convictions as a percentage of the total number of cases brought to trial as apposed to reported to the police. That is the definition for conviction rates used by all governments across the globe. That is the definition for conviction rates used by statisticians. That is the definition for convictions rates used by the CPS in the UK. The conviction rates calculated as per the correct definition of conviction rates is 60% in the UK. That 6% figure is not a conviction rate but a value that is calculated in such a way as to intentionally portray conviction rates as being low. Its nothing more than a lie. This 6% figure tells us a lot more about the corrupt nature of feminism than it does about the state of rape convictions.

    (1) go to page 45.
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      Thanks for the compliments. Re the 6% figure, this is not mine, and perhaps you didn't detect the sarcasm in the article. Robert Whiston has refuted this among others. I have included his research in the database, but here is a direct link:


      My own view is that almost all date rapes are false/regret sex, and that the traditional rape - the stranger in the dark alley/home invasion - is the correct one. Of course there are some women who are date raped and some women who lie about being raped by strangers who even go so far as to inflict injuries on themselves but with these caveats the traditional view is correct.

      I am not opposed to heavier sentences for real rapes. I was doing some research in a local library yesterday when I found two cases from 1969/70 that were quite outrageous, yet the perpetrators were slapped on the wrist, literally in one case.