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Golfer's Wife takes a swing

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  • Golfer's Wife takes a swing


    an example of how wives treat their men, and how men treat their wives:

    I'm sure every single man has been with or met or seen women like that; IOW 'everybody knows'. The malaise is painfully obvious.
    So then why, oh why, will men not stir to act? Whence this enormous complacency? Why make time to hate, say, immigrants? - they don't live in your house, at least.
    Why so many anti-MHRM men? I just don't get it.


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    Because she's daddy's special princess and lots of men are attracted to female hystrionics, enable it and put up with it, bail her out of prison instead of letting the other inmates teach her the facts of life.

    I mean put it this way.

    If you're not willing to tolerate a certain amount of nonsense then you probably wouldn't date any women, ridiculous bullshit is part of femininity (and masculinity too.)

    The stupidity of it is tasking the cops to get involved instead of just letting it burn itself out in private.

    The modern world are a bunch of busybodies who all think they know better and stick their nose into each other's assholes, but in reality none of it works, not prison and not 20 rounds of therapy, you still end up with the same people doing the same things.

    Women are attracted to violent men and men are attracted to hystrionic women, there's just something about those forms of masculinity/femininity that the opposite sex finds deeply arousing.

    It's like they say, "Don't stick your dick in crazy" but we still do it because that's the best sex you've ever had.

    Some of the most demented women that want you to spit on their face and grab the back of her hair as you're fucking the shit out of her and calling her every name in the book.

    Somewhere in the back of your mind you're thinking, "This could get me in trouble, this could be construed as sexual assault," but her body is convulsing in waves of pleasure.

    If you stopped and asked for enthusiastic consent, she'd kick you out of the bedroom and go find a real man to do that to her.

    Because that's what she /wants/ and feminism doesn't approve of that, feminism doesn't want women to want what they want.

    MRA's likewise wag their fingers at men who get involved with crazy, abusive, hystrionic women.

    "You should have seen it coming bro, she's unstable."

    But like I said, there's a reason men get involved with unstable women, because it's the hottest sex they've ever had.

    It doesn't make sense and it's not supposed to make sense, it just is.