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Man wins $47K lawsuit against school for false rape accusation!

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  • Man wins $47K lawsuit against school for false rape accusation!

    Not only that, but it's a precedent setter, too! How cool is that? :-)

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    Here's a link to the article in the video.

    The University of Cincinnati (UC) has agreed to pay a student $47,152 in attorneys’ fees and will end his suspension from the university and drop all disciplinary sanctions, according to WCPO Cincinnati. The outcome of the student’s school disciplinary hearing will not appear on his transcript, and the school will remove the “responsible” finding from his record. UC will also make no public statements about the case. The student, in turn, will not contact his female accuser or publicly disclose her identity.

    The case arises from an incident involving John Doe and Jane Roe, ..., that occurred on September 6, 2015.
    Only took 3 years of fighting and his only reward is he doesn't have to pay his lawyer. Everything else is just going to be clean slated like it never happened. No punishment to the girl, no punishment to the school (other than paying the kid's lawyer).


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      Found some additional info.

      UC's decision-makers and its investigator were motivated to favor the accusing female over the accused male, so as to protect themselves and UC from accusations that they had failed to protect female students from sexual assault," according to the lawsuit. “Schools treat male students accused of sexual misconduct with a presumption of guilt.”

      "in order to look good for the Department of Education and advocates,”
      The official lawsuit says it plain and simple. The fact he won the suit is quite astonishing.

      Former UC spokesman Greg Vehr told WCPO in October 2016 that the university had never settled a Title IX lawsuit.
      I call that a win.

      Doe specifically sued Aniesha Mitchell, director of judicial affairs and student conduct and community standards, and Juan Guardia, assistant vice president of student affairs and dean of students.

      The settlement states that neither side admits liability or wrongdoing.
      So, they get to get away with saying they did nothing wrong. That part, I think, still counts as a loss. But, overall, it was a victory.... if an incomplete one.