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School Goes After Male Teacher for Not Supervising Female Student in Locker Room

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  • School Goes After Male Teacher for Not Supervising Female Student in Locker Room

    when the male PE teacher declined to “knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress,” he was told by administrators that “he will be transferred to another school as discipline for ‘not doing your job in the locker room.' "
    a school district in Florida allowed a biological female student to access and use a middle school boys’ locker room without any notification or warning to the boys or their parents.
    the boys at Chasco Middle School were caught “(literally) with their pants down, causing them embarrassment and concern by the fact that they had been observed changing by an obvious girl.”

    “Boys immediately came out of the locker room,” the letter went on, “and approached Stephanie and Robert, seeking assistance. The P.E. teachers were powerless to respond, because administrators had placed a gag order on them, and told them that they could not answer the boys on these questions.”
    Liberty Counsel attorney Richard Mast stated that a school administrator told the male PE teacher and coach in an email that his refusal to supervise a potentially naked female student “would not be tolerated.” It is also being reported that while the female PE teacher raised objections as well, she was simply ignored.
    Dumbfuckery abounds in spades with this situation.

    For the record, the female student in question is trans. Biologically female, mentally "male".

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    For the record, it is my opinion that while there may be some Trans people who have a hormonal imbalance or genetic irregularity causing this; most are just fucked in the head.


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      From an alternate news source:

      It appears Pasco schools adopted their transgender policies with no notice to their elected school board, parents, or voters. Instead, they were implemented after the district hired Jackie Jackson-Dean, a school psychologist, as a LGBT liason.
      Administrators forbade teachers from talking about the change, and ordered a male teacher to supervise the potentially undressed transgender girl.


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        He really need to find a different career...

        What he though? He have a penis, no matter what he does it is the wrong thing to do...

        I really don't get it... he have seeing it happening to other male teachers during years, and he probably though he was better than all of those guys? smarter and all of them? that they where never going to target him?


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          I would suggest that all male teachers acquire one of these:

          "...but when she goes off you, she will not just walk away, she will walk away with your fucking skin in a jar." ~~ DoctorRandomercam
          "The laws of man, they don't apply when blood gets in a woman's eye" - The Black Keys


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            Originally posted by Mifune View Post
            I would suggest that all male teachers acquire one of these:
            Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh no way that could backfire on a PE teacher required to go into the boys locker/shower room to make sure no shenanigans are going on.