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Firefox screwed over everyone's addons last night. Here's the fix.

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  • Firefox screwed over everyone's addons last night. Here's the fix.

    People here who use Firefox undoubtedly notices that ALL of their addons, or at least a sizeable chunk of them, got completely disabled and apparently removed from their browser last night. Apparently, some months back, Firefox sent a message to developers saying that in order to be supported in the future, their source code would need to be unencrypted so that people could see for themselves whether their ode contained anything malicious. Unfortunately, a lot of companies didn't do this... including AdBlock Ultimate, Blur (formerly DoNotTrackMe), Privacy Badger and Gab's Dissenter. After getting a holy outcry from their users, with good reason, Firefox has released a fix which they describe here.
    Accoring to Firefox, you need to go into your browser preferences Privacy settings and select "Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla" and both suboptions. Of course, a lot of users don't like this option don't like the fact that you need to open ALL of your system and personal info to Firefox staff, much less the internet as a whole, for 6+ HOURS while it does its "study", so some hackers did some research and discovered that the patch it eventually installs can be downloaded directly here.
    Given that it was discovered by hackers, you may or may not trust this direct download, but I installed it myself and everything was brought back immediately, INCLUDING my previously downloaded, since removed from the addons page but thankfully grandfathered in copy of Dissenter. For those who weren't lucky enough to download this addon or even hear about it before hand, it allows you to post comments on ANY web page whether the page allows you to comment or not. There is a similar program currently available for download called Comment Aggregator which claims to use Gab's data and provide the same info. If true, I highly suggest that you download it ASAP before Firefox removes that as well.
    As for the Firefox fix, pick whichever option you're most comfortable with, but please note that some commenters on the Firefox blog have complained that the fix doesn't work for them, eg. people with older versions that the need to use for legacy addons which don't have current substitutes. Others have reported that they've waited for the stated 6 hours and STILL don't have an update installed yet. If either of these applies to you, then you may have to just bite the bullet and use the direct link provided by the hackers.
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