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16 Days of Activism against "Gendered" Violence

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  • 16 Days of Activism against "Gendered" Violence

    So I got involved in an argument on facebook recently over this particular thing that the Canadian Government is getting behind:
    16 Days of Activism against Gendered Violence

    I'm assuming that many of you are going through the same reaction that I had. I'm not a fan of violence, but maybe now men are starting to be included in social movements to spread awareness of violence. Oh wait, no, in this case gendered violence means violence against women. Oh wait, it also says that the role men have to play is in teaching men and boys to not be violent.

    This seems to be another representation of the rape culture argument except focused on all violence in general. That is to say that the only role men have to play under these paradigms is as that of a perpetrator or reformed perpetrator. The option of being a victim is not a right that men seem to have. And when I discuss this on social media, people pepper me with derision and straw-manned arguments that don't even acknowledge my point (until my point is indisputably made, then people get angry and just want the conversation to end).

    Anyway, I'll summarize my point which isn't really making itself apparent to me:
    1. I'm frustrated by this campaign that is branded as inclusive but is anything but.
    2. I'd like to hone my arguments so I can more artfully point out how infuriating this (and tangentially rape culture) is.
    3. This is also an international movement as evidenced here.

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    RE: 16 Days of Activism against "Gendered" Violence

    We just had white ribbon day yesterday in Australia. The vomit that was spewed out in the media, online, by celebs, and by the government was downright one sided and pathetic. It's good to see that facebook posts on WRD are being challenged by many.