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Domestic Abuse Against Men

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  • Domestic Abuse Against Men

    Domestic Abuse Against Men

    It's time to call it out for what it is.

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    That's heart breaking

    Something interesting to note about this is that many police officers don't take these incidents seriously so it's a matter of maybe retraining how people think about the capabilities of women to commit violent acts. My fiancé tells me stories as he is a cop and how many guys who he works with laugh about these types of calls which is sad. He tries to educate them on how women need to be held accountable but he said they don't listen. Some get it but many don't. So it is a problem in our legal system as to the double standards of domestic abuse coupled with how many feminists treat these situations.


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      As alarming as data like this is I think it kinda only touches the tip of the iceberg.

      There's men who are direct victims of DV and the state obviously doesn't give a fuck, but what about the men who are having feminist DV laws used against unjustly?

      The best way in which any woman can TRULY abuse a man is by convincing others and especially the government that he's the abuser. And feminist DV laws put the AUTOMATICALLY assumption of guilt on the male at the point the accusation is made.

      I have less sympathy for men experiencing violence from girlfriends because you always have the option to just LEAVE. Walk and don't look back. That's what I have done in the past when a woman has physically attacked me. Just don't stick around and take it.

      It gets more complicated for a man who's married to his abuser. As he can't walk without playing for it. And far far more complicated for a man who's married with children. Especially because often the abusive woman is also abusive to his children.

      And at that point he's fucked. He can file for divorce, leaving his kids with someone who's hurting them that he's legally required to bankroll indefinitely. He can stay with her and endure the abuse and try to protect his kids, but then the second she so much as decides to level a DV charge he's gonna have a SWAT round his house carting him off to jail. He's beyond fucked and it's feminist DV reform that has created this horrific situation.
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