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Pedicurist for chronic ingrown toenails

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  • Pedicurist for chronic ingrown toenails

    I have suffered from ingrown toenails since I was a young man, usually big toes.

    Several years ago, I got some bad infections, and against my better nature, went to a doctor. He did surgery, which consisted of cutting back along the toenail. the idiot cut it like a saw and it kept getting infected for nearly a year. This resulted in SIBO, a hard infection in the small intestines to get rid of. And, reading the Merchk manual, it doesn't sound like most doctors know much about it. Let me point out that it can kill you. I survived my embolism only because "I had enough blood in my aspirin."

    A microbiologist told me some good stuff about SIBO He said 15% of the US population has it, but doctors almost never diagnose it correctly. It produces vitamin K which produced things like clots and embolisms. He said the cure is probiotics, but you must start at low levels so you avoid dropping dead from an embolism.

    I have been fighting this crud for most of two years.

    But, the point in this posting is, for crissakes, if you have chronic ingrown toenails, do not go to a doctor!

    No, find a pedicurist. They can usually trim that nasty stuff back without surgery. The second most beautiful woman in town had a beauty course, and it included toenail care. She really didn't have much practice at it, but each month she comes and we pay her around $10 for both my wife and me. She is getting better as she practices. Now that my health has probably been permanently damaged, I learned my lesson and want to pass it on.

    I do not want you to think I have tossed in the towel on the SIBO. I will never surrender. I am using alternative medicine next.