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The manopause

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  • The manopause

    Posting this after the TRT thread below. I have heard that testosterone decreases with age with negative effects for men.

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    A number of older men have reported they find plenty of testosterone when they visit Thailand and plug into a nineteen year old chickadee.

    There is a thing called Negative operant conditioning. When you are with a 50 year old shrew, whose main behavior is shouting, "No! Is that all you think about?" those puppies shrink. It is called survival.


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      I think it varies from man to man. There are some negative effects, but there are also positive effects - you simply aren't as horny as you used to be. If your sex drive and biological instinct to reproduce got you in trouble all through your early adulthood, there is a good chance life will be a little smoother for you now. I don't know if the link's "10% a decade" is supported by any research links.


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        Impotence is a mixture of physical and mental/emotional factors. I once corresponded with a man who thought his sex life was over. His wife was an obese, loud, nagging creature and he couldn't even get it up for wanking. He thought it was all gone. He did not explain why or how he split with his living wife, heh, heh, but he did say when he got to Thailand, he was good for multiple bangs a day.

        There are also physical causes. I am trying to deal with SIBO, an infection in the small intestines. When it started, I couldn't work up anything at all. Limp noodle. As it reduced, it got harder and that was with my wife of 42 years. I can only imagine with a Thai chickadee.