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PTSD; EFT; and Suicide in Vets

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  • PTSD; EFT; and Suicide in Vets

    A major health problem for men, in my opinion, involves PTSD in our combat vets. I keep reading up to six vets committing suicide EVERY DAY, far more than died of combat injuries. If this is wrong, please supply correct figures.

    Conventional curative techniques don't seem to help much.

    Around 1988, a shrink was sitting by the family pool with his 8 year old daughter, who was deathly afraid of water. He was petting her and talking about her fear of the water, when suddenly she said, "Daddy, I want to go swimming." And, did. As you can imagine, this got his attention.

    In the process of seeking answers, he and Gary Craig developed a system of tapping which involves the same channels as acupuncture. By 1997, they got permission to send a small team into a vets hospital to experiment on Viet Nam vets, who had been there for well over 20 years. They sent the first ones home within a week or so. It doesn't work 100%, but even 60% is wonderful.

    They didn't fully understand until recently just how it worked, except for the acupuncture channels were the same. Dr. Still, developer of osteopathic medicine well over 100 years ago, believed that the organs somehow communicated with each other. Within the last few years, they discovered the heart is like a server and sends brain messages to the organs which echo back the message.

    So, if you see something truly horrid in combat (I prefer not to give an example, since vets really can be triggered) your brain sends it via the heart to the organs, and they echo it back. Back and forth, back and forth, year after year, day and night, never ceasing. I think they said it's a signal around 36 hz. When I learned this, you can be sure I have more questions than answers!

    Tapping (also called EFT) somehow stops the non-ceasing back and forth of the signal. You can still remember the horrid thing, but it no longer hurts.

    It also works on minor bad memories, such as being paddled when you were young.

    I remember a report of a man in his 30's who was depressed and suicidal. After a lot of hunting they found when he was 11, he got a horrid sliver under his fingernail. Hurt like Hell! After tapping on that event, he was no longer depressed.

    Here in Mexico, it has helped three people beside myself. The pastor's wife suffered from insomnia, no more than 3 hours of sleep a night. I showed her the basics only with her husband as a witness so no one could say it was from the devil, something stupid Christians say when something new actually works. The first night, she slept until 10 am the next morning. They woke her because they were getting hungry. I asked the pastor, "Can't you cook?" He said, yes, he could, but he was not going to. She has no more insomnia. I didn't ask what was on her mind, but she hinted her family life as a kid was less than perfect.

    It has been long known that stress affects the immune system. So EFT has at times helped cure minor problems of health.

    The manual is free. Google: Gary Craig EFT. There are videos on Youtube, too. You need not pay a cent. However, since combat vets are much more risky, someone does have a bunch of videos especially on PTSD issues. If I were in the States, I'd pay the $150 or so for the videos. But, you need not. And, I wouldn't do it until I had actually used it for something that worked and had developed some confidence in it.

    One man reported he started talking to a homeless vet in his town. He explained EFT to him, several times. Then, the man disappeared. He finally found someone who knew him, who told him, "He said he was going home to get a job." The vet did it by himself!

    Gary Craig has something new, called Optimal EFT. That is strange stuff. Do not try that until you have learned the standard EFT very well.

    If you are a vet with PTSD, there are practitioners who will give you some free sessions.

    Be sure to write down each cycle from 1 to 10 how much a memory hurts. Rarely; but sometimes a problem is fixed so quickly that the person denies it was ever a problem.

    And, do read the legal section. The same wonderful folks who kill between 125,000 and 750,000 patients a year with mistakes will try to have you tossed in prison, but especially if it works.