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Upworthy. again. that place is my favorite.

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  • Upworthy. again. that place is my favorite.

    From the same place that gives you videos of girls saying getting hit on is the same as sexual abuse comes opinions like this.

    I was popular and had to have my pom poms and couldn't be pregnant. I can't be a mom. They were showing me pictures of 6 year old children on bicycles and telling me that is what my fetus looked like. Adoption isn't good because I don't get the right to kill my baby. It's all about MEEEEE.
    How fucked up and delusional can you get? Oh wait. That is feminism.
    Now before someone goes and says that pro life/ pro choice debates don't belong here. This is the exact exact same people that share ideologies of feminism and it has never once failed me.
    Some people that support the MRA support abortion too but it will never make sense to me.
    I think that some men support abortion simply because they know if the woman they had sex with doesn't abort it, he will be paying out his ass for the majority of his life. Either kill my fetus, or ruin my life. They choose themselves. It sucks but it is understandable. Where as women have either kill my fetus, or gain some weight. They have hardly any repercussions after the 10 months of pregnancy, they just pussy out, likes pussies.
    What if a man wants his child to live, he just doesn't want to be a father to it? That is what women do who put their babies up for adoption. They don't want to kill their offspring, but they don't want to raise it either. This is something that is one sided. And just like the video the only girls who are raising a fuss about it are girls that are worried about gaining weight and putting down their pom poms and not being popular for a little while, because someone telling them to be a good human being is just not something that matters to them because they have way too many options.
    We can all agree we don't consent to parenthood just from having sex. But what about killing your offspring? Even if you don't want to raise it, you should stand up for it's life. But only sense you are a man and you stand up for it's life, unless you are trying to hand over your money as well. And that shit isn't right.

    Oh and this. If you need a reason to hate Ellen Degeneres if you don't already.
    I can just imagine women in their 40's making brunch and agreeing with every word like this isn't something so overdone and retarded.
    So funny women need pens because man pens aren't good enough. But let me complain that tampons aren't free.
    Maybe some of us like our pens pink?
    The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers.