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*HOW* does abortion objectify women?

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  • *HOW* does abortion objectify women?

    I have never heard this argument before.
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    My first reaction is to not refute it at all.

    Abortion is a touchy subject for many people already but in this context you are also adding religious beliefs on top which for me means that any real discussion about it is going to degrade into a religious debate and I just wouldn't be assed to have two completely different discussions at the same time.

    The biggest issue I see with trying to debate that specific quote is that they are saying that;

    IF Abortion - Sex happened
    [Which you can't refute, even rape is a form of sex just a very wrong form]

    IF Sex - Sexual Object
    [This is debatable but not from a religious standpoint. Especially in Christianity where the purpose of sex is supposed to be 100% procreation. If the only reason for sex is procreation then having an abortion is going against the purpose of sex. I.E. You are an object to have sex with, instead of a person using sex for a purpose.]

    No, that is not supposed to make sense to a rational person (IMO) I'm just trying to help explain the situation.

    Now, the pamphlet is a little more complicated.

    It makes two claims;

    1. Women are not sex objects
    2. Babies are not body parts.

    The biggest issue here is that neither of those arguments are false. You honestly can not stand there and try and refute those claims. It would make you look like a moron. So it's a situation where you are having to argue against what the message is meant to be instead of what the message is saying. Which you should never do because at any point the could say "But that's not what it says" and you would be stuck with nowhere to go.

    Now, on to your original question, "How does abortion objectify women", it doesn't. I can think of many ways to argue for and against this point but when it comes down to the reality of the situation there is no logical way to get from one stipulation to another.
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      There is little to no reason to discuss abortion on a men's rights forum except in relation to establishing a legal method to renounce paternity and all related legal stipulations for males prior to birth or within nine months of first being informed that offspring has been fertilized by the male in question - whichever is longer.
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        Abortion objectifies women?

        When the hell did this happen?