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Amy Webb TED talk on finding a husband

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  • Amy Webb TED talk on finding a husband

    This is a 17 minutes TED talk, where Amy Webb explain in detail how she find herself Husband.

    As a Summarize I will mention that She built several profile pages on online dating websites, She keeps excel tables to have records of her several dates. She develop math algorithms to rate men accordingly to her criteria, she research what kind of woman the men are looking for and change her profile accordingly, just to mention a few of the things she did in order to get a husband, the public reactions are priceless, from both men and women.

    This is a reflection of how hard a woman will work when she have decided to get a man:

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    *hides his scotch*

    So...I don't think it's all that long as she was being honest with herself about what she wants.
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      Glad she's happy. Glad I'm not her husband. We're all happy!
      Stay single and prosper!


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        Yeah, I know what you mean. Also she got her man from a dating website, so he was also looking for a woman.

        However it does amaze me the amount of work she put into this. For example the scoring system; she shows a picture of how many men answer her profile it reads 1217 messages, then she proceed to read each single one of those profiles looking for her "data points" and so can evaluate the man accordingly with her formula.

        Also notice that at this point her strategy is to create this "super profile" and wait for the men to contact her. As her previous strategy she claims she was actively looking for a man, and when she found the one she liked, she send her message, and he was not interested on her, so after this rejection she will not take the initiative of contacting a man again, however she will pimp up her profile to attract men to contact her.

        Other thing that I find interesting is the minimum score a man needs to have in order for her to consider the relationship. She set, an apparently, way to high number that she manage to find only 2 men on the website that she will consider as partners. Her grandmother was more on the lines of: From all the possible candidates take the one with higher score.

        Amy will not do this, because she have a sense of self worth. She see herself as a high score woman and taking a lower score man will affect her personal worth. Or at least she will not admit to others if she settle down for a lower score men than what she was looking for.


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          Huh, and I just rate women from 1 - 10, and women tend to object when men do that.
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            all that research to determine, be fun and show skin

            in other news,,,,,,,it gets cold in winter

            congrats amy, you have discovered men are looking for a goodtime
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              this just looked like the most loveless soulless narcissistic way of finding a partner then in a chameleonic way changing what she SAYS about herself to shape her image to men's desires to get a guy but i bet she won't change what she DOES to accommodate his needs and put this much effort into rating his needs, dreams, goals, ambitions etc
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                She's not attractive. l am happy she found a man that loves her... Why she didn't contact Jerry Seinfeld is beyond me. They are close to the same at stand up...


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                  What sort of thing does this woman offer to a guy in marriage?

                  Quite irritating, this one. Sounds like she is snorting helium with that annoying voice.


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                    I bet her husband's working on his divorce algorithms.
                    Stay single and prosper!


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                      Originally posted by oldblueeyes View Post
                      I bet her husband's working on his divorce algorithms.
                      Very likely he is a mangina who gets off on these type of women. I would've ran away because my danger sense for these type of women has a very low threshold. Has saved my ass more times than I care to imagine.