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I'm finally putting my money where my mouth is....

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    Just saw a comment by a youtuber named "turd dodging monkey". Very unlikely that this wasn't influenced by TFM.
    "...but when she goes off you, she will not just walk away, she will walk away with your fucking skin in a jar." ~~ DoctorRandomercam
    "The laws of man, they don't apply when blood gets in a woman's eye" - The Black Keys


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      If you want to be in a relationship, take a vacation in Guadalajara. she will find you if you resemble somewhat a male


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        Well, I'm personally not interested in being in a relationship of any type, especially not one that would leave me open for any 'authority' to have the right to stick their noses into it, mostly because I haven't found anyone that I've even got an inkling to want to spend any time whatsoever with...

        However, that may change, if I would meet someone, and I'd certainly do things differently than I did with my past relationship... And I don't want to limit myself to monkhood, should a mutual friendship would manifest.
        Ephesians 5 "Husbands, Love your wives like Christ loved the Church". (Wives, give your husbands something to love).
        "Wives, RESPECT your husbands". (Husbands, give your wives something to respect.)

        For a man does not truly feel loved unless his wife, mother, and children display respect to him.

        "From each MAN according to his abilty, to each WOMAN according to her need"... Allison Tienemann

        "Feminism is a HATE group... Feminists are HATEFUL people"... Mr. e

        "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."... Ronald Reagan