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Female nature + feminism are making distrust women more.

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  • Female nature + feminism are making distrust women more.

    I am a 22-year-old kissless virgin, I live in Lebanon(Middle East). I used to be a white knight mangina beta blue pill male feminist.
    After stumbling upon TJ Kirks video on feminism, my views changed.
    And I was always frustrated with women even during my blue pill phase, I still used to crack politically incorrect jokes about women. One time in English class the teacher made us read about a young guy who has a huge romantic interest in a woman and he wants to give her a flower, the tree won't give him the flower unless a nightingale sings till death, the guy agrees with the nightingale to do so, the bird sacrifices itself, the guy gets the flower, he sees the girl gives her the flower and asks her out she rejects him and tells him that he is not good enough for her. The teacher asks for our thoughts and I said that "all women are like this, ungrateful gold diggers" the class is mostly female, all students laugh including the girls but they look triggered.
    One time I posted a joke in Arabic "leh il binit bas titzawaj bitsir marra? Le2an betmarmirlo hayito la zawja." Which means in English why does a girl become a woman when she gets married, because she makes her husband's life shitty. A girl who I am still obsessed with saw the post got very triggered and commented "NO HE MAKES HER LIFE MISERABLE!!!!". I fell on the floor laughing.
    After waking up from the feminist/sjw coma I came up upon Sandman (MGTOW) and started discovering the true nature of females.
    I realized that women hold all the power when it comes to sex, romance. They can take full control of a beta male by denying him sex, unless he does something against his will making him desperate and maybe she will offer him sex, but she will cheat on him, I had many friends who went through this.
    When my dad met my mom first he used to be the nice guy, but my mom was playing hard to get, but when he started ignoring her she started getting more attracted to him.
    I live in Lebanon, legally Lebanon is a patriarchy, but culturally it is gynocentric.
    But the more I learn about female nature the less I trust women.

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    train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose Yoda

    to thine own self be true!


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      Originally posted by AgainstAllOdds View Post
      Thx, but why the question mark?


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        because it makes me think, it is interesting and enlightening.

        sorry no slight was meant
        train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose Yoda

        to thine own self be true!


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          The whole trick imo is not to be a "beta male."

          And I don't mean start acting like a hardass.

          It mean don't be so nice.

          First comes your health, second comes your business and money.

          A woman can be #3 or #4 or #5 or #99 depending on lifestyle.

          Like for example if a woman says, "give me your heart and everything you own, or lose me forever." You should laugh in her face.

          It takes a certain amount of maturity and sobreity to get to that level.

          Most guys are weak, slavish mental-dwarves.

          You ever see two men fighting over a woman, they're stupid faggots.

          BUT sometimes you have to fight, but only for your own dignity, not for the woman.

          She can cheat or do whatever, that's her soul, that's her business.

          You always take care of yourself first.

          If she give you real love, you can give her real love.

          If she play games, you can play games.

          Or you can just walk away and ignore her, nothing was lost.

          The world is gynocentric because men are addicted to pussy.

          The world is patriarchal because men do most of the work.